Student Employment Opportunities

Recruitment Number Department Discipline/Subspecialty Job Title
Teaching Associates
18-19-TA-COMM Communication Studies Communication Studies Teaching Associate
18-19-TA-ECON Economics Economics Teaching Associate
18-19-TA-ENGL-100 English English Teaching Associate
18-19-TA-ENGL-CREATIVE WRITING English Creative Writing Teaching Associate
18-19-TA-JAPANESE Asian & Asian American Studies Japanese Teaching Associate
18-19-TA-RGRLL Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures Teaching Associate
Graduate Assistants
18-19-GA-ANTH Anthropology Anthropology Graduate Assistant
18-19-GA-CLA CLA CLA 18-19-GA-CLA
18-19-GA-COMM Communication Studies Communication Studies Graduate Assistant
18-19-GA-ECON Economics Economics Graduate Assistant
18-19-GA-CWL Comparative World Literature and Classics Comparative World Literature and Classics Graduate Assistant
18-19-GA-LING Linguistics Linguistics Graduate Assistant
18-19-GA-PHIL Philosophy Philosophy Graduate Assistant
18-19-GA-POSC Political Science Political Science Graduate Assistant
18-19-GA-PSY Psychology Psychology Graduate Assistant
18-19-GA-RST Religious Studies Religious Studies Graduate Assistant
Instructional Student Assistants
18-19-ISA-AAAS-LangLab Asian & Asian American Studies Language Lab Instructional Student Assistant
18-19-ISA-ENGL-WRL English Writer’s Resource Lab Instructional Student Assistant
18-19-ISA-GEOG Geography Geography Instructional Student Assistant
18-19-ISA-HDEV Human Development Human Development Instructional Student Assistant
18-19-ISA-HIST History History Instructional Student Assistant
18-19-ISA-POSC Political Science Political Science Instructional Student Assistant
18-19-ISA-PSY Psychology Psychology Instructional Student Assistant