Best Masters Thesis Award

Graduate students may be nominated for the commencement award of Best Master’s Thesis by the College Awards Committee. For further details about the nomination process, please consult the program’s Graduate Advisor. Here are some of the past award winners:

Year Graduate Student Program/Degree Thesis
AY16-17 Heather Barone Communication Studies MA Bad Boss, What Are You Going to Do? An Investigation of Supervisor Misbehaviors
Marissa Jenrich History MA To Treat Her as a Woman: African American Women and Respectability in New York, 1860–1890
Manuel Romero Italian MA Chronicling the Encounter: Wilderness and ‘Civilized’ Spaces in Filippo Salvatore Gilij’s Essay on American History
AY15-16 Ashton Politanoff English MFA Locals
Christopher Ortega Anthropology MA An Ethnohistorical Survey of Non-/Heteronormativity: The Role of Etiological Myths in the Construction of Gender and Sexuality in Bronze Age Mesopotamia
Suzette Zazueta Religious Studies MA Purifying the Body: Contemporary Notions of Purity and Pollution Concerning Intersex Persons
AY14-15 John Galleta Psychology MSIO From Injustice to Retaliation: The Mediating Role of Identity Threat
John Haberstroh History MA Opposing the Panhellenist: The Oligarchic Resurgence in Athens, 413–411
Shouhei Tanaka English MA The Plastic in the Garden: Material Ecopoetics of Evelyn Reilly’s Styrofoam
AY13–14 Erin Arendse English MA A Textual Caribbean: Voices of the Multitude in Junot Díaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Tully MacKay-Tisbert Anthropology MA Continuities of Violence and Vulnerability: An Ethnographic Study of Supportive Housing for the Homeless
Arturo Garcia Psychology MS Long-term Shifts in Adolescent Nicotine Reward Following Early Methylphenidate Exposure in Male and Female Rats