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California State University, Long Beach
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Credit/No Credit, Withdrawals & Repeating Courses

Credit/No Credit

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When you elect to take a course Credit/No Credit you will receive a “CR” for a grade of A, B or C and a “NC” for a grade of D, F or U.  This option can potentially help you maintain your GPA but should be used thoughtfully. You may take up to 24 total units of Credit/No Credit, and up to 12 of those units may be in upper division courses or at the upper division level. In order to receive this grading option, you must obtain your major advisor’s signature and a stamp from the department offering the course.  Your instructor DOES NOT sign the credit/no credit form.  In certain majors you may not take required courses for “CR/NC.”  Check with your program department for college and departmental restrictions on your grading options.



Effective Fall 2009, all undergraduate students may withdraw from a maximum of 18 units over the course of their entire CSULB undergraduate career (including special sessions, enrollment by extension, and re-enrolling after separation from the University for any reason).

  • This does not apply to any courses taken prior to Fall 2009, courses dropped during the first two weeks of the semester, courses in which the student received a grade of WE (Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstance), and courses taken at other institutions.
  • The Withdrawal Petition is available on the Enrollment Services Website under “Forms”

Unofficial Withdrawal (WU)

  • If you do not officially withdraw from a course and fail to complete sufficient work to receive a letter grade (A-F) you will be assigned a WU (Unofficial Withdrawal).
  • For the purposes of grade point average, this symbol is equivalent to an “F” and does not count toward the withdrawal limit.

Medical Withdrawal (WE)

This type of withdrawal is for a student who becomes seriously ill or injured, or is hospitalized and unable to complete the academic term.

  • If you withdraw from the University for medical or extenuating circumstances, you will receive a “WE” (Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstance).  The “WE” is an exception to the 18 unit withdrawal limits policy.
  • This medical withdrawal is only good for one academic semester.
  • You should use the Medical Withdrawal Petition found on the Enrollment Services website under “Forms”.


Repeat/Delete and Grade Forgiveness

In the event that you do not pass or complete a course, you have the opportunity to repeat it. You may repeat up to 28 units, and up to 16 of those units may be for grade forgiveness, meaning the passing grade will replace the failing grade in your GPA (repeat/delete).  Although the first grade will be removed from your GPA, it will remain on your transcript.  Subsequent attempts must be approved by an Associate Dean. More information on the course repetition policy is available from the University Center for Undergraduate Advising.

  • Courses can be repeated only if you earned a “D”, “F”, “WU”, or “NC” (No Credit).  The course must be repeated at CSULB.
  • If you want to attempt a course a third time you must get permission from the Associate Dean of the college offering your major.  In rare cases in which a third attempt is allowed the grades in all three attempts will count toward the GPA.
  • Once you reach the 28 unit limit, you will not be allowed to repeat any additional courses without an approved academic appeal.
  • These limits apply only to undergraduates and to the units attempted at CSULB beginning Fall 2009.  Repeats recorded prior to Fall 2009 will not count toward these limits.