Declaring & Changing Your Major or Minor

A full list of all CSULB majors, minors, certificates, and graduate degrees may be found in the University Catalog.


To declare or change your major, visit your major department.* Departments will submit your declaration of major online with Enrollment Services. You will receive an email from Enrollment Services once the major is declared.

*Students interested in declaring the following majors and minors should visit ATLAS for assistance:
American Studies; Chicano & Latino Studies; Economics; Philosophy; Psychology; Religious Studies; and Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies


As with majors, minors consist of specific requirements in a particular field of study. Meet with an ATLAS Advisor or submit an Online Request Form to declare a minor within CLA.

Generally, a minor ranges between 15-24 units. Minors are awarded as part of a baccalaureate degree. You may not finish a minor after graduation. While minors are not reflected on your diploma, they are visible on your transcripts, both official and unofficial.

Double Major

You may have the option to double major at CSULB. However, please keep in mind that you must complete your requirements within the Timely Graduation limits. Check with your advisor for details.

Major Declaration Hold

Students who have completed a total of 60 units must be declared in a major to register for the next term. If you have a hold on your account for Major Declaration, see an advisor as soon as possible to declare your major and get the hold lifted.


Certificate programs differ from baccalaureate majors and minors in their emphasis on practical and applied uses of knowledge in a specific area of human enterprise.


Due to the high demand for our degree programs, CSULB majors are considered impacted. Each department has set its own required courses, GPA requirements, and admission processes.

You are in a “pre-major” until the prerequisites for your major are complete. If you would like more information, visit the University’s official website regarding major-specific declaration requirements.