Academic Probation

Academic probation occurs when a student’s CSULB and/or Overall GPA is below a 2.0.

Academic Disqualification & Reinstatement

Academic disqualification means dismissal from CSULB if a student is unable to improve their academic standing after being placed on probation. Once a student is disqualified, they must reapply to the University using the Application for Reinstatement.

Academic Appeals

Typically, appeal requests involve issues such as:

  • Record errors
  • General Education substitutions or waivers
  • Reinstatement
  • Exceptions to the repeat/delete policy

To file an appeal, you must submit the Petition for Exception to Academic Policy form. Petitions must be filed with the Office of Enrollment Services, BH-101.

Credit/No Credit Option

Some courses may be taken for Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grading. A CR/NC grade will not affect the student’s GPA. Check with your major department for restrictions. Visit Understanding Grades and Grading for more information.


For information about the different types of Withdrawals, visit Dropping and Withdrawing.

Repeating Courses

In the event that you do not pass or complete a course, you have the opportunity to repeat the course.