Our Services

Our Services

We are a full-service center offering professional support and communication skills resources to students, staff, community residents and business leaders. For the Fall 2020 semester, we will be conducting our consultations via ZOOM. Please email the center to schedule an appointment.  hauthcenter@csulb.edu

For our students and staff:

  • Individualized training (and rehearsal) in delivering presentations for class assignments and extracurricular events
    • Informative speeches
    • Persuasive speeches
    • Pitches
    • Incorporating visual aids
    • Group presentations
  • Using Power Point and other presentational software
  • Reducing your fears about communicating with others
  • Articulation and pronunciation skills

For community residents, businesses and organizations:

  • Delivering public speeches
    • Informative speeches and briefings
    • Persuasive and motivational speeches
    • Pitches
    • Public speeches for special occasions
      • Award speeches (giving or accepting an award)
      • Tributes
      • Dedications
      • Eulogies
      • Introduction
      • Nominating speeches
      • Welcome or Farewell speeches
      • Toasts
  • Using Power Point and other presentational software