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California State University, Long Beach
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Our Services

We are a full-service Center offering professional support and communication skills resources to students, faculty, and community residents and business leaders.

For our students:

  • Individualized training (and rehearsal) in preparing and delivering presentations for class assignments and extracurricular events
  • Using Power Point and other presentational software
  • Reducing your fears about communicating with others
  • Employment interviewing skills
  • Conversational skills training —
    • Engaging in small talk
    • Using humor and sarcasm
    • Initiating, regulating, and terminating conversations
    • Listening actively
    • Expressing and controlling emotions
    • Coping with defensive communicators
    • Becoming a socially attractive communicator
    • Appropriately using self-disclosure
    • Managing conflict
    • Making friends (overcoming loneliness)
    • Dealing with talkaholics
    • Being assertive
  • Communication Etiquette:
    • Technology (including use of cell phones, pagers, e-email, answering machines, phone, and others)
    • Interpersonal Relationships (including apologies, compliments, criticisms, praise, embarrassment, deception, and other sensitive issues)
  • Articulation and pronunciation skills

For our teachers:

  • Preparing and delivering an substantive and interesting lectures
  • Stimulating student participation and talk in class
  • Managing classroom disruptions and student complaints
  • Motivating your students
  • Recognizing what students don’t want their teachers to say and do
  • Communicating “warmth” and “caring” to students
  • Communicating perceptions of credibility to students
  • Using small groups for learning
  • Stimulating “extra” or out-of-classroom communication with your students
  • Ways to ask and answer students’ questions
  • Assessing students’ oral presentations in your class
  • Using power point and other presentational software
  • Managing students who talk too little or too much
  • Gaining student affinity (how to get students to like you and what you teach)
  • Adapting to students in a multicultural classroom
  • Listening actively to students

For community residents, businesses and organizations:

  • Preparing and delivering public speeches
    • Informative speeches and briefings
    • Persuasive, motivational & political speeches
    • Public speeches for special occasions
      • Award speeches (giving or accepting an award)
      • Tributes
      • Dedications
      • Eulogies
      • Introduction
      • Nominating speeches
      • Welcome or Farewell speeches
      • Toasts
  • Using Power Point and other presentational software
  • Employment interviewing skills
  • Conversational skills training
  • Leading & managing meetings effectively