Asian and Asian American Studies

Asian and Asian American Studies

AAAS commencement department photo with banner. Smiling AAAS graduates lined up for commencement.  AAAS seniors excitedly waiting to walk at commencement. AAAS Seniors lined up for commencement.  AAAS seniors ready for commencement. AAAS department walking to commencement with banner. Guest Speaker Alfred Nakatsuma USAID Diplomat in Residence. Alfred Nakatsumi sharing his family history. Best Essay in Asian Studies, Andy Li. Best Essay in Asian Studies, Sean Cutt. Lloyd T. Inui Prize Recipient, Nicole Swayne.  San Pao Li Scholarship Recipient, Huiyin Luo  TECO Scholarship Recipient, Trang Thi Thao Nguyen  Atsuko Hayashi Memorial Scholarship, Jonathan Cortez. Franklin Cole Scholarship Recipient, Katie Tobias. Prof. Bui's Outstanding Student in VIET 201, Anh Bui  Prof. Ha's Outstanding Student in KOR 102 (02), Ashley Alexandria Jackson.  Prof. Kitagawa's outstanding students.  Dr. Linda Maram and Dr. Barbara Kim introduce the event Mountain Movers with Dr. Karen Umemoto     Dr. Barbara Kim introduces Lian Cheun, Executive Director of Khmer Girls in Action and Ivy Daulo, Partnership Specialist LA Regional Center U.S. Census Bureau.     Japanese Heritage Language Workshop which took place May 5, 2019.           JAPN Faculty and Guest Speakers for the Japanese Heritage Language Workshop on May 5, 2019.          AAAS supports study abroad programs, 03.10.15                                                                                               AAAS @ The Beach
AAAS commencement department photo with banner.


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AAAS Newsletter: Fall 2018

The Department of Asian and Asian American Studies (AAAS) offers cutting edge language courses in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian languages.  Our four BA programs train students to research and explore Asian civilizations, both here and abroad, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Our MA program in Asian Studies focuses on training experts in Asia and globalization as well as Chinese or Japanese language pedagogy.


We have four new minors in AAAS:  Chinese Language and Culture , Japanese Language and Culture, Korean Language and Culture, and Cambodian (Khmer) Language and Culture.

For the most competitive training at CSU Long Beach while aiming to graduate in four years, AAAS advocates combining our BA programs with a minor or certificate in another discipline.  Asian languages are strategically important to business and government; bilingual fluency increases competitiveness and income.  We suggest using the Sophomore year to study abroad in Asia.

JAPN 422 Japanese Garden Project