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California State University, Long Beach
Asian and Asian American Studies
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Certificate/Minor Program

A certificate program is a coherent grouping of courses from one or more disciplines. Such a program may provide an application focus in a particular field of study, or a multidisciplinary focus on a specific topic or area. A certificate provides formal recognition by the University that the course of study involves substantial exposure to the field or topic. The Certificate offered in Asian Studies, will be awarded concurrently with the Bachelor’s Degree and after completion of an approved programmatic check by the Undergraduate Advisor, the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, and the Records Office. Courses taken to meet the requirements of the certificate program offered by AAAS may also simultaneously be used, where applicable, to meet General Education requirements of cooperating departments. Students should be aware that they must pass the Writing Proficiency Examination before the Certificate can be awarded, and that certain limitations (no more than one-forth of course-work applied to the Program) apply to the use of extension and/or transfer credit taken outside CSULB. Interested students should consult the department office.

Certificate in Asian Studies

A student may earn a Certificate in Asian Studies with a concentration on either China, Japan, India or Southeast Asia. Where applicable, courses used to meet the certificate requirements also may be used to satisfy the General Education requirements or the degree requirements of the cooperating departments.

  1. Students may only pursue the certificate program in combination with a degree program.
  2. A minimum of two (2) semesters or its equivalent of an approved Asian language that is selected in accordance with the area of concentration.
  3. All students must take A/ST 306I (Traditional Asia) and A/ST 307I (Modern Asia).
  4. Twelve (12) units of upper-division course work divided among two or more disciplines. These are to be selected in accordance with the area of concentration and in consultation with the student’s advisor. No more than six (6) units in any one discipline shall apply towards the Certificate.

A new certificate in Asian Studies starts in Fall 2015. Here are the requirements:
Certificate in Asian Studies (31 units)
A student may earn a Certificate in Asian Studies with a focus on Asian language and global issues. Where applicable, courses used to meet the certificate requirements also may be used to satisfy the General Education requirements and the major or minor degree requirements of the other departments whose courses are listed as electives for this Certificate. Students may only pursue this Certificate in combination with a CSULB degree program other than the Asian Studies BA.
1. A bachelor’s degree, with a major in a discipline other than Asian Studies may be completed concurrently.
2. A minimum of four semesters or its equivalent of one of the following Asian languages at CSU Long Beach: Chinese, Khmer, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, or Vietnamese. Lower division units (16) for this Certificate must be fulfilled by language courses in one Asian language. Students may fulfill 8 language units through community college transfer, AP credit, or study abroad language courses.
3. Upper division electives (15 units): Select five courses from the following options.
➢ up to six units of upper division electives may be filled from the following language courses: A/ST 499 (for study abroad upper division language courses); CHIN 301: JAPN 301, JAPN 311
➢ Select electives from the following courses:
GE Category C (Capstone and WI)
A/ST 320, A/ST 336, A/ST 393

GE Category C (Capstone)
HIST 407; R/ST 331, R/ST 337, R/ST 341

GE Category C (Explorations)
CHIN 370; R/ST 344, R/ST 351,R/ST 352

GE Category D (Capstone)
A/ST 306, A/ST 307 Modern Asia, A/ST 309 Asia and Globalization, A/ST 495;
I/ST 317, I/ST 319, I/ST 320, I/ST 355

GE Category E
ASAM 340, BLAW 309; CAFF 388; FIN 309; IST 350; Ling 329; NSCI 308;
SOC 462

Other Electives
A/ST 490; CBA 300; ECON 300; FIN 300; IS 300

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Minor in Asian American Studies

A minimum of 22 units which must include:

A. Take all of the following courses:

ASAM 120 Asian American History (3)
ASAN 221 Contemporary Issues in Asian America (3)
ASAM 305 Theories and Methods in Asian Studies and Asian American Studies (3)
ASAM 345 Asian American Community Analysis (4)

Take one of the following courses:

ASAM 200 Asian American Inter-Ethnic Relations (3)
ASAM 319 The Ethnic Experience in the U.S. (3)

B. Six units selected from among the following: ASAM 260, 310, 321, 330, 331, 332, 333, 334, 335I, 340, 341, 342, 346, 347, 350, 352, 353, 360, 370, 381, 490 and 495

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Minor in Chinese Language and Culture (18 units)

Chinese Language and Culture is a minor that focuses on the study of Chinese language.  It is available to any CSULB student, except for those who are majors in Chinese Studies or native Chinese speakers.  A minimum of 18 units is required.  Students are required to take three core courses in Chinese, then can choose two upper-division electives in consultation with Prof Ai, the Chinese Studies Adviser (

Required courses:

  • CHIN 101: Fundamentals of Chinese (4)
  • CHIN 102: Fundamentals of Chinese (4)
  • CHIN 201: Intermediate Chinese (4)

Chose any two from the following courses:

  • CHIN 380: Languages and Dialects in China (3)
  • CHIN 421: Current Affairs in China (3)
  • CHIN 451: Chinese Culture and Tradition (3)
  • CHIN 462: Contrastive Analysis of Chinese and English (3)

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Minor in Japanese Language and Culture (18-26 units)

Japanese Language and Culture is a minor that focuses on the study of culture, communication, and language. It is available to any CSULB student not majoring in Japanese. A minimum of 18-26 units is required*. Questions about this minor should be directed to with Prof Kataoka, the Japanese Adviser (

Required courses*:

  • JAPN 101: Fundamentals of Japanese (4)
  • JAPN 102: Fundamentals of Japanese (4)
  • JAPN 201: Intermediate Japanese (4)
  • JAPN 202: Intermediate Japanese (4)
  • JAPN 301: Advanced Japanese (3)
  • JAPN 497: Independent Study (1)

Chose any two from the following courses:

  • JAPN 302: Advanced Japanese (3)
  • JAPN 311: Advanced Spoken Japanese (3)
  • JAPN 350: Japanese Language, Culture, and Communication (3)
  • A/ST 393: Japan’s Heritage (3)

*If the student is placed in a level above JAPN 201 in the placement test, s/he can take an other 300 or 400 level Japanese course to replace the skipped course(s).
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