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graduation 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 CSULB American Indian Graduates


kaqʰinalin k’e ksukuwin

Translation:  I appreciate and respect you in the Šmuwič Chumash Language


photo of sign saying, I appreciate and respect youTranslated by AIS faculty member, Judge Deborah Sanchez, this sound file is the first of many files translating the phrase,  I appreciate and respect you, into the languages that are spoken by members of the CSULB community.  Signs will be placed on campus with a QR code that you will be able to scan with your phone linking you to sound files like the one above where you can hear the phrase pronounced in each language.  The sound files will not be located on one webpage as each translation will be featured on the websites of various CSULB departments and programs where that particular language is appreciated, spoken or taught. “I appreciate and respect you” is the first collaborative effort of the Puvungna Arts Empathy Production Project.

Title of Project: I Appreciate and Respect You

To reaffirm our appreciation and respect for all languages spoken at CSULB, We are proposing a “Linguistic Landscaping project,” that uses language in virtual and real public space on campus.   This is the first project of, The Puvungna Arts Empathy Production Project. An ongoing project that focuses on ways to foster “empathy production” that grew out of the recommendations of the Report on the Advancement of Ethnic Studies in the CSU. 

The goal of the project is to encourage learning more about our own diversity on campus and to stimulate empathy for others in the process.  The project also functions as an oblique form of advertisement of diversity of academic programs and elsewhere on campus where languages and cultures are respected, taught and valued. 

Link to Other Languages At CSULB

Departments and programs can participate in the following ways and other inventive ways are also encouraged to meet the interests and goals of each department.

Create a written/video Biography of the person translating these term 

Create a written/video about what the language means to them (students or faculty)

Create a poster with a qr code connecting to a page or post of your department webpage

Post posters on campus.

To support this project the College of Liberal Arts will soon host a webpage to include the following: 

Tutorials on how to:

1)    create the poster

2)    create the QR code

3)    create and upload the audio file

4)    create and upload  the video file

5)    link these materials to your website

The website will also provide a comprehensive list of links to all of the websites at CSULB participating in the project.

More information will follow as this website to support the project is developed.