Indians of North America

American Historical Images On File
The Native American Experience

Contributed by Professor Troy Johnson

California State University, Long Beach



This collection of historical photographs is provided with the permission of Facts on File, Inc., and is a comprehensive collection of images of Native American people. The collection is arranged chronologically from the prehistoric period and the Paleo-Indians to 1990 and the appointment of R. Richard West as director of the National Museum of the American Indian. The collection includes information and images which describe the lifeways of various tribes and include historical entries for particular Indian groups. Narrative is provided that provides the historical and cultural background describing the event, person, or subject presented.

Many photographs and images in this collection are provided by the courtesy of the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution.  Images from the National Anthropological Archives may not be reproduced without specific permission of the National Anthropological Archives.  For additional information please contact the National Anthropological Archives at

Photographs in this collection that indicate that they are from the "National Archives, Smitsonian Institute" are in fact from the National Anthropolotical Archives, Smithsonian Institution and are protected by the above copyright and may not be reproduced without the specific permission of the National Anthropological Archives.

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