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Statement on Inclusion and Respect for Diversity

In solidarity with vulnerable members of our campus and local communities, members of the Department of Anthropology support the Society for Applied Anthropology’s statement on Diversity and Respect: “We as members of the Board of the Society for Applied Anthropology affirm our ongoing commitment to value human diversity in all its myriad forms and to encourage all of our members to provide safety and basic human rights for everyone. Anthropological perspective and practice are grounded in respect for all persons, civility, and thoughtful examination of ideas and policies.  It is especially critical at times of uncertainty and change. We recognize a common responsibility to support community members who may feel threatened and to counter hostility toward immigrants and other marginalized groups.  We pledge to continue to exercise and guard academic freedoms to examine and address such issues as perpetuation of inequalities and policies that oppress or degrade.  We urge involvement of everyone in learning and working together to create positive social change, promote humane understandings, and encourage a variety of shared actions to further these goals.” http://sfaa.net/~sfaanet/news/index.php/2016/nov-2016/sfaa/sfaa-statement-diversity-and-respect/

We further endorse both the American Anthropological Association (http://www.americananthro.org/ParticipateAndAdvocate/AdvocacyDetail.aspx?ItemNumber=21061) and the American Ethnological Society (http://americanethnologist.org/features/news/american-ethnological-society-statement-on-president-trumps-immigration-executive-order) statements calling for an immediate reversal of the Immigration Executive Order.