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California State University, Long Beach
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Anthropology Alumni

Marty Gonzalez has generously agreed to be our departmental liaison to our alumni group. Currently, we are wanting to set up a social networking opportunity through our website, connecting our current students to our alumni. If you would like to participate, please send your information either to the anthropology department via Mitra Baghdadi, or to Marty Gonzalez at We need: your name, graduation year, focus in anthropology (if you have/had one), your current position, and your contact information (phone number, work address, email contact).


Graduate Alumni


Tully MacKay-Tisbert– Anthropology Applied MA
Kaine Fini– Anthropology Applied MA (Spring 2014)
Tabitha Komathy– Anthropology Applied MA
Yuhsien Cho
Taryn chohen
Sharareh dadsetan
Paola Soler
Gina Turcketta
Julia Wignall
Ajlana Osmanagic
Chrysna Samel–Anthropology Applied MA
Amir Shafe– Anthropology Applied MA
Katherine Eskew — Anthropology M.A., Archaeology
Gabriela Lopez — Anthropology M.A.
Amy Tupa — Anthropology M.A., Archaeology
Laurie Rose — Applied Anthropology M.A.
James Daniels — Anthropology M.A., Archaeology
Clarus Backes — Anthropology M.A., Archaeology
Andrea Bardsley — Anthropology M.A., Archaeology
Carmi Bleviss — Applied Anthropology M.A.
Adrienne Bouard — Applied Anthropology M.A.
Ileana Bradford — Anthropology M.A., Archaeology

Cote, Sarah picSarah Cote– Applied Anthropology M.A.

Previous Education: Anthropology B.A., CSULB

Research Interests:

Program Evaluation, After School Programs, Children and Youth, Urban Anthropology, Poverty and Inequality

Research sites/internships: Los Angeles Community Development Commission, LongBeach Historical Society, Institute for Urban Research and Development, Bethune Transitional Center

Thesis title or subject: Using the Participants’ Perspective: An Evaluation of an After-School Program (working title)

Contact email:

Emerine, Rachel picRachel Emerine — Anthropology M.A., Linguistics

Previous Education: Anthropology B.A., Intercultural Studies B.A., Applied Linguistics Minor, Biola University (2007)

Research Interests: Linguistic Anthropology, endagered languages and language communities, language shipt and maintenance, language revitalization, language ideology, Pacific Islands

Thesis Title or Subject: Language Shift and Maintenance of the Nagu Language in the Solomon Islands

Research Sites/Internships: Nagu language, Santa Cruz, Solomon Islands site of research (2008), A Cambodian Church and Community in Long Beach (2007),Walagu Village in Papua New Guinea (2006)

Contact email:

Gratreaks, Roman picRoman Gratreaks – Anthropology M.A., Linguistics

Previous Education: Anthropology, California State University, Northridge (2004), Liberal Arts, Los Angeles Valley College (2000)

Research Interests: linguistic anthropology, Uto-Aztecan, Uralic, orthography, ethnobotany, medical anthropology, biological anthropology, technological anthropology

Research sites/internships: Summer and Fall internship under Dr. Pamela Bunte, CSU Long Beach, Numic language documentation, field work, ethnography. Long Beach, CA and the Navajo Nation Reservation, Arizona (2007). Under Dr. Christina von Mayrhauser, CSU Northridge with Finlandia Foundation at Pasadena Museum of History, the Finnish Folk Art Museum and the 2006 Scandinavian Festival at California Lutheran University (2004-2006).

Thesis title or subject: Literacy and Divergence in Paiute Ideologies of Language, Identity and Politics. Applied Project: language revitalization through a Paiute-language literacy work

Long, Krystal PicKrystal E. Long — Applied Anthropology M.A.

Previous Education: Anthropology B.A., General Business, International Business, Chinese and Music Minors, Appalachian State University (2004)

Research Interests: Western Expatriate Communities in China, transnational communities

Research Sites/Internships: NSF/Central Washington University: Environment and Perception in China (Beijing and Xi’an 2004), California Strategic Language Institute: Mandarin (Internship 2008)

Thesis Title or Subject: Voluntary Exiles: Place, Identity and Community Creation in China


Ann Wright Pitts — Anthropology M.A.

Previous Education: BFA, UT Austin

Research Interests: Transnational migration, drug and alcohol recover policies in education, the merging of design, culture and commerce in a globalized marketplace

Research Sites/Internships: Beach Cities Health District: helped identify and recommend ways to reach out and extend services to the Latino community in Redondo Beach, CA

Thesis Title or Subject: Latin American Nannies: New Economic Providers at Home and Abroad

Contact Email: