Field Schools

Faculty-led Field Schools and Study Abroad Opportunities

Faculty-led field school and short-term study abroad programs provide students with the opportunity to apply anthropological knowledge in a new setting, and in some instances, in a different country. Going on a field school trip or taking a short-term study abroad course gives you the chance to conduct research and to learn side-by-side with your professors in small groups.

For Summer 2018, anthropology faculty have different opportunities for you choose from. Plan early. Contact the professor organizing a particular program for more information. Please check this page often for any changes to our field school and short-term study abroad program information.


Faculty-led Short-term Study Abroad in Bulgaria: Biocultural Anthropological Approaches to Health & Healing, Modernization, and Ethnographic Methods

Join us June 16-29, 2018 to learn ethnographic methods while immersed in Bulgarian healing practices and witnessing the process of modernization as it’s happening. You will experience cities and rural spaces in transition, healing thermal spas, a 10th century monastery, the beauty of the Rila Mountains, the role of cultural tourism in economic development, and spend time with seniors at the Elder Center of Stolat. Take a look at the itinerary and information about our partner agency, Stone and Compass, in Bulgaria:

For information about tuition scholarships and applying/enrolling in 1 or 2 of the three courses offered in Bulgaria, please visit the links below.  Please note: If you have already taken the courses listed below and do not need the GE credit or you prefer a field school experience, you can enroll in ANTH 440 Ethnographic Field School (3 units). 

Summer 2018-CSULB Bulgaria Brochure-Stone & Compass


ANTH 307 Modernization in Global Perspective (GE, D2, Capstone, Global Issues)

Dr. Karen Quintiliani –


ANTH 353 Health and Healing (GE, Area E, Global Issues)

Dr. Zachary DuBois –


Archaeological Field School – Dates and other Information forthcoming

Dr. Sachiko Sakai offers a Summer Archaeological Field School in northwestern Arizona at Mt. Trumbull. Information about Summer 2018 will be posted when the dates are confirmed. 

Mt. Trumbull -Summer 2018-Fieldwork trip information

MT Application 2018


The link provides a description from a previous year with highlights about the field school: Field_School_ Summer 2014

Please contact Dr. Sakai if you have any questions:


– Summer 2014 Field School – Mount Trumbull Prehistory Project Field_School_ Summer 2014

– Winter 2014-Archeological Field Trip – Chiapas, Mexico Chiapas Field Trip- Jan 2014(3)

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