Summer 2019-Study Abroad- Bulgaria

Faculty-led Short-term Study Abroad in Bulgaria: Bodies, Space, and Being: Culture, Language and Wellness in Modernizing Bulgaria

Join us July 6-20, 2019 to learn ethnographic and linguistic methods while immersed in Bulgarian languages and cultures. Bulgaria is a country that is undergoing tremendous cultural and political change as a former Soviet Bloc state and as one of the newer member states of the European Union. We will explore how these shifts continue to impact bodies, space, and being, focusing on conceptualizations of language, identity, food, and consumption as part of larger issues of wellness. We will spend 10 nights in the village of Stolat in the Balkans, and travel and overnight in other locations around the country, including the capital city of Sofia. You will also spend time with seniors at the Elder Center of Stolat.

For information about tuition scholarships and applying/enrolling in 1 or 2 of the four courses offered in Bulgaria, please visit the links below.  Please note: If you have already taken the courses listed below and do not need the GE credit or you prefer a field school experience, you can enroll in ANTH 440 Ethnographic Field School (3 units and the course can be repeated for up to 6 units) or ANTH 490 Special Topics (3 units and the course can be repeated for up to 6 units). Contact the professors for more information: and

Stone & Compass CSULB Bulgaria Brochure 2019