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The California-Mexico Studies Center (CMSC) is pleased to announce that all 35 DACA-mented students participating in our Summer 2016 California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program have been approved forAdvance Parole, and will be participating in a unique 3-week language and cultural travel-study CSULB course in Mexico from July 26 to August 16, 2016.
Upon arrival, the participating Dreamers will spend 3 days in Mexico City where they will be immersed in an intensive acculturation and assimilation program agenda which will prepare them culturally, emotionally and psychologically for their unique visit to their country of origin, Mexico.
Subsequently, the participants will have the chance to travel independently on a family research project and visit their birthplace to reconnect with their families and roots of origin.
After their independent travel, the Dreamers will proceed to Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico where they will immerse into a comprehensive language and cultural educational program at the Centro Tlahuica de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural Institute (CETLALIC); which consists of historical, cultural, linguistic, and academic “cátedras” on social movements, the Mexican educational, economic and political systems, various museum and archeological visits, and a 10-day home-stay living experience with Mexican host families while attending classes at the CETLALIC Institute.
The fundamental objective of the program is to replicate and promote a comprehensive Dreamers study abroad program model for other Colleges and Universities to implement and offer similar study abroad opporunities to their DACA-mented student population.
In effort to comply with such objective, the CMSC selected applicants from various Colleges and Universities who have strong desire to give back to their community. For instance, the Summer 2016 California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program will have representation from 14 different colleges and universities from Northern, Central, and Southern California, including a social worker/counselor from Highland Park High School in Highland Park, Illinois.
Moreover, it’s important to note that the Summer 2016 California-Mexico Dreamers Program wouldn’t have been possible without the support of both U.S. and Mexico foundations, institutions, and individuals.
Therefore, the CMSC wants to give special thanks to The Juntos Podemos Foundation and IME-Becas, Mexico’s Canciller Claudia Ruiz Masseiu, and Ambassador Carlos Sada, Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles Carlos Garcia de Alba and Consul Adriana Argaiz, Congressman Alan Lowenthal and Field Deputy Irantzu Pujadas, Hermandad Mexicana, CETLALIC, and sponsorships made possible by CSULB President Jane C. Conoley, CSU Northridge Dream Center Director Dario Fernandez, L.A. Mission College President Monte Perez, University of La Verne’s Daniel Loera, USC’s professor Francisco Valero, former CSULB EOP Director David Sandoval, El Pollo Loco, and everyone who participated and donated to our Marco Antonio Firebaugh Dreamers Study Abroad Scholarship Fund.
The CMSC appreciates the continuous effort and support to give more Dreamers the opportunity to not only broaden their horizons by studying abroad for the first time, but also, for giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity to reconnect with their roots and return to their country of origin.





Summer 2016: Travel-Study in Mexico City 

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The Department of Chicano/Latino Studies is offering a faculty led Spring session to Mexico City.  Students will receive daily lectures and participate in cultural and archeological excursions, as well as attend UNAM conference in Mexico City.  Professor Armando Vazquez will be leading the CHLS 490 course (1 unit, plus eligibility to petition to waive your Spanish language requirement as a CHLS major). 

Apply here below before the end of April 2016:

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Professor Armando Vazquez-Ramos has been promoting educational opportunities for the Chicano/Mexican and Latino population for more than 47 years. He has taught on Chicano/Latino education, history, immigration, politics, public policy, and U.S.-Mexico relations at the CSU Long Beach Chicano and Latino Studies Department, where he is also Coordinator of the California-Mexico Project.

As a student leader at CSULB in 1969, Professor Vazquez-Ramos was a co-founder of the Chicano and Latino Studies department, where he earned a B.A. in Mexican-American Studies and a Master’s in Psychology. He has also earned a Master’s in Public Administration at Pepperdine University, and is working on his doctoral dissertation on “A Development Plan for Mexican Universities in the U.S.”.

In 2010, he established the California-Mexico Studies Center, Inc. to research, develop, promote, and establish policies and programs between higher educational institutions and cultural organizations that will enhance the teaching, mobility and exchange of faculty, students, and professionals between California and the U.S., with Mexico and other nations in the Western Hemisphere.   

Professor Armando Vazquez-Ramos worked at the CSU Office of International Programs (1993-1996) to promote California-Mexico exchange and North American Studies programs, and since 1998 he has led travel/study groups to Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela for students, faculty and community leaders; as well as the Public Policy Alternative Spring-break in Sacramento, focused on California-Mexico policy and higher education issues.

In 1999 he established the California-Mexico Project and through the Latino Political Roast raised scholarship funds for students to study abroad in Mexico and promote educational exchange. Thus, in 2008 Assemblymen Jose Solorio and Kevin De Leon co-sponsored Assembly Concurrent Resolution 146, to recognize the CSULB California-Mexico Project and directed the California Research Bureau to conduct the study “The California Research Bureau Report on California-Mexico Study Abroad Programs”.

He has promoted the establishment of Mexican universities in the U.S. and served as consultant to create extensions of Mexico’s Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Universidad de Guadalajara and Universidad de Colima in the L.A.-area, and has established collaboration agreements between CSULB and the UNAM, Universidad de Guadalajara and Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas.

Through these agreements, he has hosted several Mexican professors as Visiting Scholars at CSULB, has organized four California-Mexico Policy and Higher Education seminars at CSULB and 2 in Mexico City (2006 and 2012), and hosted the Seminario Permanente de Estudios de la Gran Chichimeca at CSULB in 2010 with more than 30 Mexican scholars.

Last year he led the celebration of the Chicano and Latino Studies Department’s 45th Anniversary and convened the 1st Campaign to Promote Ethnic Studies (CPES) Summit at CSULB. Through the CPES, he organized a diverse working group of 40 academics, students and community leaders, to work with the Long Beach Unified School District superintendent, who has committed funding to offer up to 12 CSULB ethnic studies classes every semester at all 6 LBUSD high schools, beginning in fall 2015 for the next 5 years.

As an innovator and immigrant rights advocate for decades, professor Vazquez-Ramos also established this semester a precedent-setting model course which allowed 14 CSULB Dreamers the opportunity to study abroad in Mexico during Spring Break, and return legally to the U.S.; but most importantly this pilot project has pioneered a method that will enable Dreamers to adjust their legal status to permanent residents, facilitate for other colleges and universities to replicate this opportunity for their students, and enable thousands of Dreamers to return to their birthplace to meet their families, discover their homeland and study as adults.

Professor Armando Vazquez-Ramos is Board President of the Mexican Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, and Co-Chair of “Amigos de Siqueiros”, the non-profit that will operate the City of L.A.’s $8 million “America Tropical” Interpretive Center of Maestro David Alfaro Siqueiros 1932 mural at the city’s birthplace on Olvera Street.