Comm Tutoring Center

Comm Tutoring Center





What is the COMM Tutoring Center?

The COMM Tutoring Center provides FREE academic support, coaching, and mentorship for a variety of COMM classes, primarily focusing on, but not limited to, the core COMM classes (e.g., COMM 200, 300, 301, 306, 307, 330). Our experienced tutors assist students with library research for papers, preparation (and practice) for presentations, assistance with editing papers, brainstorming topics for projects, preparation for tests/quizzes, advice on writing, assistance with MLA and APA formatting, help with constructing outlines, assistance with statistical calculations, and reviewing instructions for papers and projects. The COMM Tutoring Center is open for use by any student enrolled in a COMM class at no charge. There is no appointment necessary – all tutoring sessions are handled on a first come, first served basis. If it is a COMM class you would like help with, we are here to assist you!

When is the COMM Tutoring Center open for business?

The center operates week 2 through the final week of classes in the fall and spring semester. We are closed during the summer and winter sessions, as well as on all university-recognized holidays/campus-wide closures. The exact days/hours of operation during the fall/spring semester varies based on Peer Mentor availability. Please see the Tutoring Center schedule to find a time that best fits your availability – we look forward to assisting you!

Where is the COMM Tutoring Center located on campus?

The center can be found in the Academic Services building on the third floor in room 351 (AS-351). 

What is the purpose of the COMM Tutoring Center?

The goal of the center is to be a “guide on the side” to offer peer-to-peer support and academic guidance. Although our Peer Mentors strive to provide the most accurate feedback, their guidance does not replace or supersede that of the professor. Students must use their best judgment and are solely responsible for the work they ultimately submit.