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California State University, Long Beach
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Our Team



Executive Director: Marc D. Rich, Ph.D.


Marc D. Rich, Ph.D., is a Professor of Communication Studies at California State University, Long Beach. As a nationally recognized leader in ‘Proactive Performance’ (highest level of audience involvement) and predatory violence prevention, Dr. Rich is a frequent guest presenter at universities throughout the United States. The interACT Troupe under his direction has reached tens of thousands of audience members on college campuses as well as Naval and Marine Bases throughout the world.  He has trained in Theatre of the Oppressed, Drama Therapy and Psychodrama. Dr. Rich has published over twenty peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and led the research team that conducted the first empirical studies of proactive performance and rape prevention. His current research focuses on the prevention of inappropriate pursuit (stalking).  Dr. Rich is a consultant for the Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy at the Gavin De Becker Institute and the World Class Academy at SpaceX.  He is also a rape-prevention contractor for the United States Navy.  Dr. Rich has designed and assessed the curriculum for women’s self-defense programs and is a high-ranking practitioner of Krav Maga, the Israeli hand-to-hand combat system.


Managing Director: Kelly Janke (KJ), M.A.

KJ worked with interACT as undergraduate, and earned his Master’s degree while working with the troupe and conducting research on masculinity and violence against women. KJ served as a Lead Trainer for several years, learning the necessary skills to manage the day-to-day operations of interACT. KJ continues to perform and facilitate shows when he is not overseeing rehearsals and other troupe business. He teaches a variety of classes at CSULB.



Assistant Director: Kelly Anderson, M.A.

Kelly Anderson started with interACT as an undergraduate in 2005. Inspired by the challenge to raise social awareness she has made it her goal to continue this fight for a better reality. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Applied Theater Arts at the University of Southern California. Now back with interACT as the Assistant Director, Kelly has the ability to draw on her academic experience and share her enthusiasm with new troupe members. Kelly studied Theater of the Oppressed techniques in Rio De Janeiro Brazil at CTO (Center for Theater of the Oppressed). She has led self-reflection courses at continuation high schools and created many community projects including Re-creating Our L.A; a community justice collaboration to instigate social change. Her goal is to create a networking model that allows projects around the country to expand and work together as allies.


MAURER Headshot

Naval Program Manager: Timothy Maurer, M.A.

Timothy joined interACT during his undergraduate career in 2010. After earning his B.A. in Communication Studies, Timothy became a Graduate Teaching Associate for troupe as part of the Masters program at CSULB which he completed in 2014. Timothy’s past work with interACT includes training troupe members, facilitating discussions, and performing in both the sexual assault and homophobia shows. In his role as Naval Program Manager, Timothy coordinates and trains actors for national and international SAPR training for the US Navy as well as performing with the actors on stage. Timothy is honored to be part of the leadership team.





Barry Lyrse, B.A.

Barry is a second year student in the CSULB Communication Studies Graduate program and a nationally certifiedEMS educator. As an undergraduate and graduate troupe member, Barry has performed throughout the United States at universities and military bases. Barry has performed in multiple scenes including sexual assault prevention, inappropriate pursuit, and threat assessment. As a graduate student Barry is responsible for performing, training actor-educators, and being a member of the interACT research team. Barry’s passion in Communication Studies stem from his undergraduate focus on race, sexuality, technology, and the power of performance and narratives. Barry is more than honored to continue his work in interACT.



Christina Magalona, B.A.

Christina began work with the troupe in 2010 as an undergraduate student at CSULB. She is currently a second year graduate student in the CSULB Communication Studies program. Christina has traveled all over the United Stated with interACT performing at various universities and conferences. Her experience in troupe encompasses roles in the sexual assault scenes, homophobia show, inappropriate pursuit, and threat assessment. As a graduate assistant, Christina trains undergraduate members of the troupe and is a member of the interACT research team. She is honored and proud of the impact that interACT has made and looks forward to mentoring members of the troupe.


Jamie Harmon, B.A.

Jamie Harmon completed her undergraduate degree at CSU Long Beach in 2010. Majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in theatre arts, Jamie became familiar with interACT after seeing performances in several of her classes. Jamie returned to CSULB to obtain a Master of Arts degree in communication studies. She is excited and proud to be part of the troupe as a second year graduate assistant.



David Rehm, B.A.

David Rehm is a second year graduate student in the CSULB Communication Studies Masters Program. As a past troupe member, David’s role in the troupe as been mainly performance. He is looking forward to his new responsibility of training fellow troupe members and assisting in research. David’s passion in Communication Studies stem from his undergraduate focus of persuasion, ideological oppression, and the power of narratives. David is more than honored to continue his work in interACT.


Susan Valdez, B.A.

Susan began working with interACT in 2000 when she was a first-year student at CSULB. She holds the distinct honor of being part of the original cast for every one of our shows. Susan works with the actor-educators to insure they understand the characters, scenes, and sociopolitical issues that guide our work. She earned a B.A. in graphic design from CSULB.