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California State University, Long Beach
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Previous Comparative Literature Conferences ~ 1966 to present

2010-present conferences

48th Annual (2013)

Theme: Popular Culture(s)

Speaker: Hillary Chute

Special Event Screening: “Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman”

conference website


47th Annual (2012)

Theme: Drawing the Line(s): Censorship & Cultural Practices

Speaker: Ilan Stavans

B-Word Project Speaker: Azar Nafisi

conference website


46th Annual (2011)

Theme: The Comic Spirit in the Modern Age

Speakers: Judy Carter and Ray Lacoste

conference website


45th Annual (2010)

Theme: Visual Culture & Global Practices

Speaker: W. J. T. Mitchell

conference website


2000-2009 conferences

44th Annual (2009)

Theme: Johnny Got His Pen: Artists Involvement in Peace & War

Speaker: Milcho Manchevski


43rd Annual (2008)

Theme: Arrivals and Departures

(Host of Annual American Comparative Literature Association Conf.)

Speaker: Marjorie Perloff

conference website


42nd Annual (2007)

Theme: Women, Sexuality & Early Modern Studies

Speakers: Laurie Finke, Stacey Schlau


41st Annual (2006)

Theme: Ancient and Modern Narrative: Intersections, Interactions, and Interstices

Speakers: Georgia Ladogianni, Stephen Orgel


40th Annual (2005)

Theme: The Global Eighteenth Century

Speaker: Margaret Higonnet


39th Annual (2004)

Theme: Film, Ideology, and Culture

Speaker: Andrew Horton


38th Annual (2003)

Theme: Imagining Rome

Speaker: Dean Abernathy


37th Annual (2002)

Theme: Citizen of the World: Cosmopolitanism and Its Ancient Antecedents

Speaker: Edward Said (scheduled)


36th Annual (2001)

Theme: Dislocation of Culture: Postcolonial Literature and Cultural Theory

Speaker: Trinh Minh Ha


35th Annual (2000)

Theme: The Community in Literature

Speaker: Graciela Limon


1990-1999 conferences

34th Annual (1999)

Theme: The Self in Literature

Speaker: Marilyn Yalom


33rd Annual (1998)

Theme: Madness and Literature

Speaker: Richard Caldwell


32nd Annual (1997)

Theme: The City on South American Literature

Speaker: Djelal Kadir


31st Annual (1996)

Theme: Love and Politics in Literary Perspective

Speaker: Sandra Gilbert


30th Annual (1995)

Theme: Interpretation of Culture: Images and Ideologies

Speaker: O. R. Dathorne


29th Annual (1994)

Theme: Transmission of Culture: Literature and the Liberal Arts

Speaker: Ishmael Reed


28th Annual (1993)

Theme: Food in the Arts and Literature

Speakers: LA Times Food Critics


27th Annual (1992)

Theme: Language, Literature, and the Politics of Education

Speakers: Pareskevi Contos & Pasquale Verdicchio


26th Annual (1991)

Theme: Penelope’s Web: The Self and Self Control

Speakers: Mario Torelli & John Williams


25th Annual (1990)

Theme: Music and Literature in Society

Speakers: August Coppola & Archie Shepp


1980-1989 conferences

24th Annual (1989)

Theme: Eroticism and Censorship in Literature and Film

Speakers: Maryse Condé and Françoise Pfaff


23rd Annual (1988)

Theme: The Grotesque in Literature, Art, Music and Film

Speaker: Frederick Burwick


22nd Annual (1987)

Theme: Women in Film

Speaker: Valerie Smith


21st Annual (1986)

Theme: The Marginal, the Creative and the American Dream

Speakers: Michael Ventura & Gerald Haslem


20th Annual (1985)

Theme: Mythology and Creativity

Speaker: Joseph Campbell


19th Annual (1984)

Theme: The Fantastic: Celebrating the Imagination

Speakers: Eric Rabkin & Leslie Fiedler


18th Annual (1983)

Theme: The Comic Spirit

Speakers: Max Apple & Hal Roach


17th Annual (1982)

Theme: Visions of Peace: Peace and the Creative Arts

Speakers: Denise Levertov, Allen Ginsburg, Peter Orlovsky & Gary Snyder


16th Annual (1981)

Theme: Latin America Through Novel, Film, Music and Poetry


15th Annual (1980)

Theme: Shamanism: Death, Healing and Psychoanalysis


1970-1979 conferences

14th Annual (1979)

Theme: Psyche and Symbol

Speaker: Joseph Campbell


13th Annual (1978)

Theme: Current Trends in World Literature


12th Annual (1977)

Theme: Literature and Politics: Voices of the Third World

Speaker: Gwendolyn Brooks


11th Annual (1976)

Theme: American Folklore Bicentennial

Speakers: Alan Dundee & Sam Hinton


10th Annual (1975)

Theme: Michelangelo’s Birthday

Speaker: Irving Stone


9th Annual (1974)

Theme: The Day for Mythology

Speaker: Joseph Campbell


8th Annual (1973)

Theme: Language: Symbols and Reaction

Speakers: Liv Ullman & John Ciardi


7th Annual (1972)

Theme: Values and Meanings in Literature


6th Annual (1971)

Theme: The Making of Books


5th Annual (1970)

Theme: “Now;” Current Books Abroad; Comparative Approaches to American Literature

Speakers: Boniface Obichere & Earl Miner


1966-1969 conferences

4th Annual (1969)

Theme: The Black Image in Comparative Literature

Speaker: Sterling Brown


3rd Annual (1968)

Theme: East and West in Literature, Culture and the Arts

Speaker: Ch’en Shou-Yi


2nd Annual (1967)

Theme: Folklore and Films

Speakers: Francis Ford Coppola & Arthur Knight


1st Annual (1966)

Theme: Comparative Literature