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Volume 18: The City: Translating Urban Images (1997)

Staff: Laura Warrick – Managing Editor. Editorial Staff: Marc Aubertin, Stephanie Bauerlein, Mary Dixon, Ken Lee, and Christina Pompa. Tammy Bon, Steve Hendrix,
and Eric Templeton – Associate Editors;
Alwin Baum – Faculty Advisor

Table of Contents

Book 1 Hana Wirth-Nesher, City Codes / Mary Dixon

Essays 7 A Nomad in the Western Imaginary: Djelal Kadir’s
"Spectral Cities" / Kitty Millet

11 Spectral Cities / Djelal Kadir

29 De-constructing the City as Arkhe-Text: "The
Possibility of the Impossible" / Michael Colson

49 The City in Postcolonial Fiction / Uppinder Mehan

69 The "Wilderness of Civilization":
The Proletarian City and Socialist
Pastoralism in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle /
Steven Rosendale

97 Walking in the Streets of Rio: The City Between Resistance and Rendition /
Fernando de Sousa Rocha

105 The City as Geographical Madeleine: on Falling Down and Walking / Brian Morris

125 Lines in the Sand: the Defense of Suburban Turf
in LaterVictorian Literature / Lara Baker Whelan

Poetry 151 L.A. Sound Track / Charles Webb

152 Beggars / Charles Webb

154 The Pearl (For New Orleans In Winter) /
Jennifer Brantley

156 the Sunday observer (5/24/58) Ginsberg writing
home / Tom Lavazzi

158 Los Angeles, California / John Gilgun

159 Median Strip / Clarina Harriss

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