Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Professor Name and Information Professor Credentials

Jessica Brooks
Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Classics
(562) 985-7575
Office: MHB 701

M.A. Archaeology, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA
Post-Baccalaureate in Classics, UCLA
B.A. Anthropology, UCLA summa cum laude

Interests: Aegean Bronze Age and Classical Archaeology, women in the ancient world, mortuary and ritual analysis, and world mythology

Kathryn Chew
Professor of Classics
Advisor, Latin Teaching Credential
Undergraduate Advisor, Classics
(562) 985-5810
Office: MHB 606

Ph.D. Classics, UCLA
M.A. Classics, UCLA
B.A. Classics, UC Irvine

Interests: Greek and Latin Novels, Greek Literature, the Hellenistic Period, Late Antiquity, Hagiography, Sanskrit Literature, Latin Teacher Preparation

Nancy Comito
Office Manager
(562) 985-4239
Office: MHB 515


Pravina Cooper, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Comparative Literature
(562) 985-4241
Office: MHB 611

Ph.D. Comparative World Literature, UCLA 2005
M.A. Comparative World Literature, UCLA
M.A. History, Mumbai University
B.A. British and Continental Philosophy

Interests: World Cinemas, Transnational Literatures, Genre, Literary Theory, British and French Modernisms

Elizabeth Dahab, Ph.D.
Professor of Comparative Literature
(562) 985-1368
Office: MHB 608

CWL Advisor

Doctorat, Comparative Literature, Université de Paris-IV, Sorbonne
M.A. Educational Psychology, University of Alberta
Professional Diploma After Degree (for teaching French), University of Alberta (Canada)
B.A. Psychology, McGill University (Canada)

Interests: Post-colonial Literature, Cultural Theory, Middle Eastern Literature, Interdisciplinary Studies, 19th Century French Literature, Exilic Francophone Literatures in Canada/Québec (more)

Thomas Haeussler
Lecturer in Comparative Literature
(562) 985-8660

Office: MHB 605

M.A. Comparative Literature, UCLA

Katherine McLoone
Lecturer in Comparative Literature
Office: MHB 520

Ph.D. Comparative Literature, UCLA
M.A. Humanities, University of Chicago
B.A. Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley

Interests: Medieval Literature, Disability Studies, Popular Culture Studies, especially television and fandom

Christopher Shaw
Lecturer in Comparative Literature

(562) 985-4619
Office: MHB 720

Ph.D. Comparative Literature, UCLA
B.A. Double major in Literature and Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego

Interests: Latin American, Ethnic American, and postcolonial literatures and cultures; conceptions of identity and difference in neurodiverse, popular, and digital contexts

Lowry Sweney
Lecturer in Classics and Comparative Literature
(562) 985-1589
Office: MHB 513

M.A. Classics, UCLA
American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Regular Member 2001-2002
Post-Baccalaureate Program in Classics, University of Pennsylvania
B.A. Folklore and Mythology, Harvard University magna cum laude

Interests: ancient Greek poetry and performance, ancient Greek and Roman religion, Indo-European poetics and comparative mythology, the literature and culture of “Golden Age” Rome, satire through the ages (ancient and modern)

Vlatka Velcic
Professor of Comparative Literature vlatka.velcic@csulb.edu
(562) 985-1815

Office: MHB 609

Ph.D. Comparative Literature, UCLA
M.A. Comparative Literature, UCLA
B.A. Comparative Literature and English, University of Zagreb

Interests: Cultural Studies, Post-colonial Literature, 20th Century Literature, East European Literature

Raymond Waters
Lecturer in Comparative Literature raymond.waters@csulb.edu
(562) 985-7923

Office: MHB 509

Ph.D., Comparative Literature, University of Iowa, 2016
M.A. Communication Studies, University of Iowa, 1994
M.A. English, CSULB, 1991
B.A. English, UCLA, 1985

Interests: Comedy, Japanese Literature, Film/Mass Media Theory

Current Adjunct Faculty

Professor Name and Email Room Number and Phone Number

Nicolas Bordage
Comparative Literature

MHB 701, (562) 985-7575

Amy Desuza-Riehm
Comparative Literature

MHB 513, (562) 985-1589

Letitia Deon
Comparative Literature

MHB 513, (562) 985-1589

Kelsey Devoe
Comparative Literature

MHB 513, (562) 985-1589

Cheryl Goldstein
Comparative Literature

MHB 701, (562) 985-7575

Levon Parseghian
Comparative Literature

MHB 701, (562) 985-7575

Daniel Sacilotto
Comparative Literature

MHB 701, (562) 985-7575

Emeriti Faculty

  • Conrad Barrett
  • Alwin Baum
  • Roland Bush
  • Peter Carr
  • August Coppola
  • Frank Fata
  • Thomas Hubble
  • J. Charles Jernigan
  • Roberta Markman