Economics Graduate Association

Economics Graduate Association

The Economics Graduate Association is an academic organization within the Department of Economics at California State University, Long Beach that will offer opportunities to network with local business communities and facilitate internships and career development. This organization will offer a valuable opportunity to build positive relationships between faculty and other economics graduate students. It also aims to promote more economic research, ethical leadership skills and academic achievements.

Current Officers

Fall 2017

President:  Ryan Hunter
Vice President: Anete Brinke
Treasurer:  Ryan Trias
Secretary:  Brandon Villalpando
Public Relations: Joseph McEntee

Former Executive Members

Spring 2017

President:  Jacob Medina
Vice President: Ryan Trias
Treasurer:  Ryan Hunter
Secretary:  Julian Olivas


President: Dillan Koehler
Vice President: Nicholas Jenkins
Treasurer: Cesar Servin
Secretary: Jonathan Rivera


President: Michelangelo Landgrave
Vice President: Branden Galley
Treasurer: Annette Kunitsa
Secretary: Badr Aziz


President: Ramon Vivero
Vice President: Samuel Valdez