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California State University, Long Beach
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Faculty News

Economics and Marketing Faculty Win 2011 Multidisciplinary Research Award

Professors Wade Martin (Economics), Ingrid Martin and David Horne (Marketing) were awarded one of five, 2011/2012 CSULB Multidisciplinary Research Awards.  The title of this project is Threats from “Wildfire & Climate Change: Modeling Risk Mitigation Behaviors of Homeowners.” The research will focus on how individuals living in high risk areas for natural disasters learn to cope with and mitigate these risks. In California, the specter of wildfires is a constant threat to millions who live in the forested and interface communities across the entire state.  Their individual and collective beliefs and behaviors about mitigation effectiveness and climate change may well be the link between effective or wasted communication strategies to reduce this life-threatening hazard.  This research proposal is based on a stream of funded and published research in risk communication and natural disasters by all three researchers.


Economics and Computer Engineering/Computer Science Faculty Win 2011 Multidisciplinary Research Award

Professors Kristen Monaco (Economics) and Shui Lam (Department of Computer Engineering/Computer Science) were awarded a CSULB Multidisciplinary Award for a “Feasibility Study of Tracking Truck Driver Productivity.” They propose to develop a technology that allows Southern California port drayage drivers to easily log their work activities which will also allow identity of the locations at which certain activities occur. Their goal is to track the time port drayage drivers spend in both driving and nondriving work activities by developing a technology that collects detailed information with maximum accuracy and minimum effort on the part of the driver. Few drayage firms use electronic log books and both electronic and paper log books lack detailed information on the sources of delay in trucking. By incorporating GPS into the technology, the sources of inefficiency in port drivers’ work time and the time and location where these occur will be identified. Ultimately, Professors Monaco and Lam will be able to quantify the economic impacts of these inefficiencies and propose solutions.


Study Abroad Class Visits Peru

During the 3 weeks of Winter Session, in January 2011, Professor Grobar took 3 CSULB economics majors to Cusco, Peru for a short-term study abroad class.  The students studied international economics and the economies of Latin America.  This was the first study-abroad class offered by the Department of Economics.  In addition to an intensive course of study, the students got a chance to visit Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and also went on an excursion with MINKA, a Canadian company that exports Peruvian handicrafts to Europe and North America.  The students in the class who had advanced language skills also volunteered their time to work with children in local orphanages.  Professor Grobar, who plans to take students abroad again in the future, commented that “Latin America is a great place to offer study abroad opportunities for our students because so many of them have Spanish language skills, and this allows them to really maximize the cultural opportunities offered in a study-abroad program.”  CSULB short-tem study abroad programs are offered through the CSULB College of Continuing and Professional Education, and are open to alumni and community members as well as current CSULB students.