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Gateway Cities Census Data




Description: Cudahy began as an agricultural ranch in the 1800s. Much of the land was divided into long and narrow lots which were referred to as “Cudahy Acres,” and were marketed as small ranches.The concept attracted people from the Midwest who were enamored with the idea of owning their own farm land.These farmers became Cudahy’s core settlers in the mid-1920s. As industrial development grew in neighboring communities, Cudahy provided residential sites and commercial services to workers. Cudahy was incorporated on November 10, 1960. It is middle American, a blue collar city with a small town feel.

The City of Cudahy is located in a densely populated region of Los Angeles County and represents a melting pot of immigrants from Central and South America. Located only eight miles from Los Angeles, Cudahy is predominantly a residential community which offers a blend of commercial and industrial uses.

While the city is only 1.2 square miles in size, it offers a surprisingly large market base.The area within a three-mile radius of Atlantic Avenue has a population of more than 378,000, and the average household income of this group is more than $34,000.

(city description courtesy of Press Telegram 2006 Almanac)

  1990 2000 2010
Population 22,817 24,208 23,805
Percent of Los Angeles County Population 0.26% 0.25% 0.24%
Median Age   23.8 27
Number of Households 5,261 5,419 5,607
Unemployment Rate 10.24% 10.94% 17.40%
Average Household Income (in 2010 dollars)   $49,309 $48,065
Median Household Income (in 2010 dollars) $39,178 $38,009 $41,805



Cudahy Educational Attainment Graph


Cudahy Annual Household Income Graph


Cudahy Population by Race & Ethnicity 1990


Cudahy Population by Race & Ethnicity 2000


Cudahy Population by Race & Ethnicity 2010