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Description: The City of Vernon was founded in 1905 by businessman John Leonis and two ranchers, J.J. and Tom Furlong. It was incorporated that year as the first strictly industrial city in the Southwest where noises and odors from a variety of industrial processes would not disturb residents. Only 91 residents live there today.

Today, Leonis’ grandson, Leonis Malburg, is Vernon’s mayor. He has served on the council for 47 years. The Chamber of Commerce promotes the city with the claim that City Hall concentrates on what’s good for business. A recent study by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation confirmed that the industrial community is an economic powerhouse, operating around the clock. City services meet all the conditions required for an ideal manufacturing environment — utility savings, easy transport, reliable security and more.

The City of Vernon owns its utilities and therefore is able to provide its manufacturers with the most inexpensive power and water rates in Southern California. The City staff works to expand its services to business through a new electrical generation facility, natural gas services, expansion of the city’s fiber-optic cabling, and a business and technology development center.

(city description courtesy of Press Telegram 2006 Almanac)

  1990 2000 2010
Population 152 91 112
Percent of Los Angeles County Population 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Median Age   28.8 36.5
Number of Households 49 25 28
Unemployment Rate 2.47% 0.00% 0.00%
Average Household Income (in 2010 dollars)   $86,777 $50,565
Median Household Income (in 2010 dollars) $29,949 $78,532 $38,625



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Data not provided due to low population.


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