Course Credit for Internship Work (CLA 492)

If you are an Economics major who has secured an internship and wish to earn course credit for it, you may be permitted to enroll in CLA 492: Internship in Liberal Arts offered by the College of Liberal Arts. This course may fulfill up to three (3) units of your major’s 300-level elective course requirement; two additional 400-level elective courses are still required. To receive major elective course credit, the student must inform an advisor at ATLAS after they have enrolled in the course. Note that you may earn up to six units in CLA 492 for internship work, but only three units will count toward satisfying your elective course requirement.

For information on how to enroll in CLA 492 and what is required of the course, please visit the College of Liberal Arts Internship webpage. Or contact the CLA Internship Program at: or by calling (562) 985-2034.

Finding an Internship Position

Students are responsible for securing their own internship positions, but you may refer to our list of prior internship success companies who often seek economics students as interns:

Prior Internship Successes

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for regular communications from the department about internship opportunities.