Econ Grad Student Awarded 2019 Youth Excellence Award


Megan Anaya

Megan Anaya, a graduate student in the Department of Economics, was nominated Sept. 25 to receive the 2019 Youth Excellence Award at the 22nd Annual Nuestra Imagen Gala Awards this December. Centro Community Hispanic Association, also known as Centro CHA, is the host of this event.

“Nuestra Imagen Gala Awards is an annual gala dinner and fundraiser to honor notable individuals who exemplify excellence in leadership, higher education, workforce development, revitalizing neighborhoods, places and businesses, making Long Beach a safer, healthier and more vibrant place to live, work and play,” said Centro CHA representatives Mario Gonzalez and Jessica Quintana in a statement.

One of Anaya’s notable roles was serving as a student research assistant for the 2018 Long Beach Latino Economic Report, which showed various socioeconomic statistics on Latinos in Long Beach. The purpose of the research was to spark conversations around key policy considerations and implications, and it was showcased to Long Beach stakeholders last year.

Moreover, her recent contributions for the 2019 Long Beach Latino Economic Report will be presented at this year’s Latino Economic Summit on Oct. 18.

Centro CHA is a nonprofit organization that aims at providing services that advances and advocates for the well-being of underrepresented, low-income Hispanic children, youth and families in the Long Beach.