English Conference 2012

English Conference 2012 – APRIL 5, 2012

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Mission Statement

The students, faculty, and staff of California State University, Long Beach, are excited to announce the 1st CSULB Graduate Student English Conference. This inaugural event, organized by students for students, will provide a forum for scholarly discussion on a wide range of issues and questions facing our world today.

Organized by a committee of CSULB graduate students and encouraged by Dr. Klink and the department of English, the goal of the conference is to increase interest, exposure, and participation in post-baccalaureate academic pursuits by providing students with an opportunity to share their current work and areas of research. Designed with graduate students and advanced undergraduates in mind, the CSULB Graduate Student English Conference promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and participation among our Southern California CSUs, UCs, and neighboring private colleges.

In selecting “Occupation” as our conference theme for 2012, we hope to generate a diverse range of topic submissions that reflects, responds, interrogates, and/or challenges the salient ideas and concerns of the world-wide movements of the early twenty-first century.