Student Awards

The Department of Geography has produced the winning College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Thesis again!


Congratulations to our Internship Essay Competition Award Winner, 2011!

  • Kent Redell for his essay on summer research in Jeneau Icefield, Alaska.

Congratulations to our California Geographical Society Award Winners, 2011!

  • Stacie Townsend “Abstractions of Activism: Editorial Cartoon Portrayals of Egypt During the 2011 Revolution” (1st Place Poster Competition).
  • Flavio Mercado (CSULB Geography Alumni) “The Populations Exposure to Flood Hazard in Southern Los Angeles County” (1st Place Paper Map Competition).
  • Jade Dean “Follow the Leader- A study on the Advancement of Native Shrubs into Non-Native Grasslands in La Jolla Valley, California” (1st Place, Undergraduate Geosystems Award)

Congratultions to our National Geographic Interns!!!

  • Doris Dialogu and Samantha Roth!
  • This is one of the most competitive internships in Geography and we have two students going this year. Well done Doris and Samantha!

Award Winning Students!

The Department of Geography has produced the winning College of Liberal Arts Outstsanding Thesis FOUR YEARS in a row!!!! Winners include:

  • Outstanding Thesis 2009: Ms. Susan E. Timm, “Using Remote Sensing, GIS, and Landscape Ecology Techniques in Wildland Management”
    • Thesis Committee: Dr. Chris Lee (Chair), Dr. Suzanne Wechsler, Dr. Rick Behl (Geology)
  • Outstanding Thesis 2008: Ms. Deborah Hann, “Maps in Childrens Literature: Their Uses, Forms, and Functions
    • Thesis Committee: Dr. Chrys Rodrigue (Chair), Dr. Suzanne Wechsler, and Dr. Judith Tyner (Professor Emeriti)
  • Outstanding Thesis 2007: Mr. Scott Eckardt, “Assessment of wildfire frequency and coastal sage scrub vegetation dynamics in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California”
    • Thesis Committee: Dr. Paul Laris (Chair), Dr. Chris Lee, Dr. Chrys Rodrigue
  • Outstanding Thesis 2006: Dr. Michael McDaniel, “The Persistence of the Mexican Land Tenure System in Los Angeles and Orange County”
    • Thesis Committee: Dr. Frank Gossette (Chair), Dr. Judith Tyner, Dr. Suzanne Wechsler

In addition, CSULB Students have won awards both on campus and in the discipline of Geography. Award Winners include:

University Achievement Award 2009: Ms. Annette Quintero (for her commitment to service on activism)

Geography Student Team Wins First International Education Week European Culture Bowl Event: Team Members included: Mr. Anthony Vasquez, Ms. Yuki Konishi, Mr. Ernesto Sanchez, Mr. Malcolm Bourne, Mr. Michael Vladoianu

CSULB Nomination to Western Association of Graduate Schools Annual Outstanding Thesis Award, 2007 : Mr. Scott Eckardt

Jacques May Award 2007 Best Thesis Winner, Medical Geography Speciality Group, Association of American Geographers : Ms. Julienne Gard

California Geographical Society Cartography Digital Map Competition Winners in 2007: Messrs. Simon Wright and César Espinosa

Doctoral Program Admissions: Ms. Nazanin Naraghi, Mr. Ryan Goode, Ms. Julienne Gard, Mr. Travis Brooks

CSULB Graduate Research Fellowship: Ms. Doreen Crespin

Richard Logan Scholarship, Los Angeles Geographical Society, 2004 : Ms. Doreen Crespin and Mr. Jeff Marotta

Joe Beaton Award, California Geographical Society, 2004: Ms. Zoe Schumacher

CSULB Women and Philanthropy Scholarships, 2004 : Ms. Zoe Schumacher and Ms. Doreen Crespin

Sigma Xi Inductions (National Scientifice Honor Society) : Ms. Doreen Crespin, Ms. Leslie Edwards, Mr. César Espinosa, and Ms. Zoe Schumacher

Master’s Thesis Research Award, 2001: Ms. Angela Ng Cangelosi

ESRI Mapping Honors: Mr. Mike Jenkins, Mr. Shaun Healy, and Ms. Caroline Kolb