Hyowon Ban, Ph.D.



Hyowon Ban, Ph.D.   CV

Department of Geography
California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90840
Tel: (562) 985-7808 | Fax: (562) 985-8993
hyowon.ban AT csulb.edu | Office: PH1-206

Research Interests

Hyowon Ban’s research interests include

  1. spatial analysis and geovisualization of semantic uncertainty of spatial concepts such as exurbanization
  2. spatial analysis and geovisualization of relative motions and movement patterns of moving objects such as dancers
  3. representation of geographic information into graphic design and music.


Ph.D., Geography, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 2009.
MA, Social Studies (Geography), Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, 2001.
BA, Social Studies (Geography), Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, 1999.


Journal Articles and Editorials (peer-reviewed)

Ban, H. & Sung, H. H. (2019). “Visualization of Uncertain Boundaries of Undersea Features,” International Journal of Geospatial and Environmental Research, 6(1), Article 4. https://dc.uwm.edu/ijger/vol6/iss1/4

Lee, S., Harrington, R. G., & Ban, H. (2016). Enhancing tolerance to a delayed reinforcer in a child with developmental disabilities: The comparison between non-signal and signaled delayed reinforcement procedures. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 6(8), 1-6.

Chavoshi, S. H., De Baets, B., Neutens, T., Ban, H., Ahlqvist, O., De Tré, G., & Van de Weghe, N. (2014). Knowledge discovery in choreographic data using Relative Motion matrices and Dynamic Time Warping. Applied Geography, 47, 111-124.

Kim, C., Sang, S., & Ban, H. (2014). Exploring job centers by accessibility using fuzzy set approach: the case study of the Columbus MSA. GeoJournal, 79(2), 209-222.

Ahlqvist, O. Harvey, F., Ban, H., Chen, W., Fontanella, S., Guo, M., & Singh, N. (2013). Making journal articles ‘live’: turning academic writing into scientific dialog. GeoJournal, 78(1), 61-68. (editorial).

Ahlqvist, O., Ban, H., Cressie, N., & Shaw, N. Z. (2010). Statistical counterpoint: Knowledge discovery of choreographic information using spatio-temporal analysis and visualization. Applied Geography, 30(4), 548-560.

Ban, H. & Ahlqvist, O. (2010). User evaluation of a software interface for geovisualization and communication of uncertain urban ontologies. Journal of Information Technology in Construction (ITcon), 15, 122-131, http://www.itcon.org/2010/9.

Ban, H. & Ahlqvist, O. (2009). Representing and negotiating uncertain geospatial concepts – Where are the exurban areas?. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 33(4), 233-246.

Ahlqvist, O. & Ban, H. (2007). Categorical measurement semantics: A new second space for geography. Geography Compass, 1(3), 536-555.

Sung, H.-H., Ryu, J., & Ban, H. (2002). A study on the geomorphological characteristics of environmental management in watershed. Journal of the Korean Society for Geo-Spatial Information System, 10(4), 17-30.

Book Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Wechsler, S. P., Ban, H., & Li, L. (2019). The Pervasive Challenge of Uncertainty and its Integration in Geospatial Practice. In: Koutsopoulos, K., de Miguel González, R., & Donert, K. (Eds.), Geospatial Challenges in the 21st Century. Springer International.

Li, L., Ban, H., Wechsler, S. P. Xu, B. (2018). Spatial Data Uncertainty, In Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems, Elsevier, ISBN: 9780128046609.

Project Report (peer-reviewed)

Ban, H. (2015). Chapter 5: Representing ocean-feature boundaries. In H.-H. Sung (Ed.), Final report for 2015 Investigation of Coastal Feature Names and the Informing (102-112), prepared for Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency. Republic of Korea: Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

Ban, H. (2012). Chapter 6: A study to define spatial boundary of undersea features. In H.-H. Sung (Ed.), Final report for Investigation of Undersea-Feature Names Project (122-132), prepared for Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administration. Republic of Korea: Ministry of Land, Transportation And Maritime Affairs.

Works in Progress

Ban, H. and Ahlqvist, O. Geographical Counterpoint of Dance (in progress).

Ban, H. and Sung, H.H. Visualization of Ocean Boundaries (in progress).

Ban, H. and Kim, H. J. RElative MOtion (REMO) Analysis and Visualization of Vessels Movements (in progress).

Courses Taught

California State University, Long Beach
GEOG 280 Introduction to Geospatial Techniques 

GEOG 380 Map Interpretation and Analysis 

GEOG 482 Map Design Presentation and GIS 

GEOG 484/584 Advanced Concepts in Presentation Cartography 

GEOG 497 Directed Studies 

GEOG 697 Directed Studies – Spring 2011-present.

GISC 603 Cartographic Visualization 

Selected students’ works from the courses

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