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California State University, Long Beach
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Graduate Students

Graduate Student Area of Interest Thesis Advisor
Isis Amoah environmental justice Jocoy
Etem “Eddie” Bairam sports geography, cultural and social geography Sidorov
Eugenia Bey human-environmental interactions, climate change, drought, water resources TBA
Steven Bowyer remote sensing, environmental geography Rodrigue
Darrell Carvalho transportation, GIS, social geography TBA
Aida Cisneros environmental justice, pollution exposure TBA
Laylita Day GIS/VGIS, data journalism, geovisualization and media communications Li
Shane Eaves environmental geography, subalpine vegetation change, repeat photography, critical physical geography Laris
Tiana Fain placemaking and identity through art landscapes Lassiter
Ken Fichetlman Cultural geography, urban revitalization Sidorov
Meredith Fowler Cultural geography, place and ethnic identities TBA
Kyle Garcia Systems dynamics modeling, human-environmental interactions, fire, land use TBA
Nathan Gerells GIS, sports geography, mapping plays Li
Horacio Gomez Immigration, environmental justice, sense of place Thien
Amber Huu Biogeography, soil and vegetation disturbance Laris
Rebecca Jacobs Biogeography, soil crusts, fire disturbance Laris
Anna Johnson Gender inequality, influence of cultural/physical environments TBA
Enadina Lozano GIS, archaeology, migration TBA
Michael Mroczek water management, urban runoff modeling Dallman
Victor Norwid water resources management, water and urban development Dallman
Ilianna Padilla resource management, urban ecology, sustainability TBA
Alex Pakalniskis Remote sensing, vegetation dynamics Laris
Lucas Reyes water resources, drought TBA
Will Shaw homelessness TBA
Rachel Vann-Foster environmental geography, conservation and restoration, natural resources, GIS Laris
Briton Voorhees geographic information sciences; spatial statistics; agriculture in Latin America Laris
Rachel Waite environmental geography, ecosystem health, water quality Dallman
Hannah Zucherman electoral and political geography, europe Sidorov