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California State University, Long Beach
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Graduate Students


Graduate Student Area of Interest Thesis Advisor
Julianna Aguilar environmental geography, water, urban geography, GIS  TBA
Steven Bowyer remote sensing, environmental geography  TBA
Natasha Boyde participatory mapping/PGIS, urban governance Thien
Jeff Cope physical geography, global change Laris
Laylita Day GIS/VGIS, data journalism, geovisualization and media communications TBA
Brent Dell medical & health geography, politics,GIS TBA
Joseph Felix Diminutto geographies of emotion, feminist geography, philosophy of sex and love, Thien
Anthony Fagundes Urban geography, graffiti, human geography TBA
Audrey Jo GIS, spatial statistics, remote sensing, environment  Laris
Andrew Mardesic GIS, education, crime, water supply networks Wechsler/Rodrigue
Liudmila Pennington cultural and feminist geography Thien
Lourdes Portillo feminist geography, water resources, emotional geographies, Latin America Dallman
Nikita Prajapati cultural geography, ethnic enclaves in the U.S., food/agriculture,
Southeast Asia
Talha Rafiq remote sensing, geospatial science, GIS Wechsler/Lee
Abel Santana GIS, water resources, spatial data acquisition, analysis and visualization Dallman
David Schwartz political geography, emergency management, the Arctic, GIS, policy analysis Rodrigue
Heather Sparks urban geography, public policy analysis, GIS, city and regional planning Jocoy
John Speargas GIS, physical/environmental geography Wechsler
Stephen Strand 3D GIS, motorsports, time geography, emotional geography Ban
Siegrun Storer environmental geography, landscape restoration, coastal southern California, remote sensing Laris
Chris Suri mobile GIS, health, geovisualization, active transportation Sidorov
Michael Swim historical geography, critical geography, development geographies, political ecology Thien
Tyler Thiele natural hazards and GIS Rodrigue
Manju Narmada U  urban geography, GIS, physical geography Li
Rachel Vann-Foster environmental geography, conservation and restoration, natural resources, GIS TBA
Briton Voorhees geographic information sciences; spatial statistics; agriculture in Latin America Laris
Gerald Wachovsky digital landscapes, video games, cultural geography, geographic information sciences
Rachel Waite environmental geography, ecosystem health, water quality TBA
Gregory Ziolkowski physical geography, glaciers, methodology Lee