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California State University, Long Beach
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Graduate Students

Graduate Student Area of Interest Thesis Advisor
Jennifer Alford social/cultural geography
 Teresa Anderson-Sharma    
John Anisko cultural geography, tourism, Mexico Thien
 Lourdes Avelar Portillo    
Ian Boles urban green space, land use, GIS Sidorov
 Sean Brennan    
 Jessica Bui    
Carlos Carrillo sports geography, cultural geography Curtis
Mo Lan Choi Remote sensing, urban and cultural geography Lee
Jeffrey Cope    
 Joseph Diminutto    
Doreen Crespin environmental geography


Rachel Davis nature-society interactions, water policy Dallman
Kevin Flaherty urban geography, community engagement, PPGIS Rodrigue
Andreea Greavu emotional geography, geovisualization, critical GIS Thien
 Amber Hernandez    
Josi Jenneskens geographic information sciences Wechsler
 Daniel Jensen    
Janice Kentala human-environment relations, land use practices, GIS
Katherine Koppel social and cultural geography, children’s geography, D/deaf geography Thien
 Carlos Malagamba  
Andrew Mardesic urban geography, GIS


 Alfonso Martin  
 Mystyn Mills  
Aregnaz Mooradian development geography, Africa (Uganda), children’s NGOs Laris
Andy Morgan natural resources, water, land use, remote sensing Lee
Brian Nagy geographic management systems (GMS) for hazards mitigation Rodrigue
 Paul Nesbit    
Linda Nguyen environmental geography Rodrigue
Michael Nichols political ecology , rural land use planning, and water Dallman & Laris
Jose Robles medical geography, infectious disease geography Rodrigue
Samantha Roth nature/society, wildfire Laris
David Schwartz
 Abel Santana    
Zoe Schumacher environmental geography and GIS Wechsler
Brian Sims geographic information sciences Wechsler
 Tyler Sonnichsen    Thien
John Speargas GIS, physical/environmental geography Wechsler
 Stephen Strand    
Siegrun Storer environmental geography, landscape restoration, coastal southern California, remote sensing Laris
Chris Suri geographic information sciences, post-Cold War studies, military ecology Sidorov
Michael Swim historical geography, critical geography, development geography, political ecology Thien
Carin Tabag human and environmental geography Rodrigue
Joy Turlo water resource,s water policy, political ecology Dallman
Lisa Voghel feminist and health geography, eating disorders Thien
Briton Voorhees geographic information sciences; spatial statistics; agriculture in Latin America Laris
Gerald Wachovsky Digital landscapes; cultural geography; geographic information sciences
Patrick Weber GIS, land use policies, urban & environmental planning Laris
 Scott Winslow    
Gregory Ziolkowski physical geography, glaciers, methodology Lee