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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 16

Data Day!! We started the morning out having a discussion with the professors about what our individual research question would be. We went around the room sharing our research interests and discussing the details regarding our research questions. My interest from the beginning was in regards to the fresh water seeps. The Ka’a’awa Valley gets […]

Day 15

First flight plan

We started the morning in the field today where we met with the guys from Williams Aerospace and the other hobbyist aviators. The Williams guys sell military grade UAVs and have their own equipment and operation, whereas the hobby guys interact with us much more. Iam is the guy with the X8 plane that flew […]

Day 14

The plan for today was to have the morning available to finish work on our common product presentation and to present them at 1PM. Scott and I finished our presentation relatively early, but I also had to write up a document that showed the procedure we used to geotag the images obtained from the UAVs. […]

Day 13

The plan today was to work in the morning on our common product presentation and have the afternoon off. Scott and I started working on our product and the work was increasingly frustrating until Dr. Lipo showed up and cleared up which logs went with which UAV flight. We had it wrong and it was […]

Day 12

Ah yes

Ah yes
Today we started out watching a short 1o minute movie about the history of Kualoa Ranch where our valley (Ka’a’awa Valley) is located. After that we headed into the field to let groups finish up anything they needed. There was also a guy bringing a laser scanner to the park and everyone was offered […]

Day 11

Godzilla stepped on me and my day

Godzilla stepped on me and my day
They said it would happen, a frustrating day of research. We got to the valley around 9 and they started splitting the groups up so that the vegetation group and the archaeology group would get some help. However, by the time the split happened, I asked around and the […]

Day 10

Nice place to work

Nice place to work
Today we started early again, we got to the valley around 8:30 AM. We headed out to get some points along the beach and I was happy to get walking because I was wearing my new boots. Thank you Amazon for getting me a new pair of hiking boots overnight. We hit […]

Day 9

Old Tunnel 1

Old Water Pump Bore Tunnel
Today we got a much earlier start, we were in the valley by 8:30 AM and we got right to work. Our group headed north towards the beach to get our first point of the day, it was a pond with a little island in the middle and a little shack […]

Day 8 – First Day in the Field

Opening of the valley, where we began

Opening of the valley, where we began
Today started according to plan, got up around 6, breakfast, coffee then make lunch to go. We got started around 8, preparing our GPS units with the data dictionaries we worked on yesterday. Since I’m in the UAV group, we didn’t have a data dictionary or GPS unit, but […]

Day 7

This morning started with black coffee as there was a lack of condiments, but hey, at least it was kona coffee. With all the Long Beach prep and the day of travel out of the way, it was basically the first day of the field portion of our program. So, we started a little later, […]

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