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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive


June 22, 2012
Today we walked along our study site taking GPS points of invasive and native species. We were looking for larger patches that we can identify from aerial photographs. We were using the Trimble which has the data dictionary we set up. The data dictionary includes various attributes such as, species, height, percent cover, […]


June 21, 2012
Today we spent the whole day in the lab, I would prefer to spend at least half of the day outside collecting data since we are in Kauai. Hopefully we will spend more time ground truthing and collecting data.
In the lab we made our data dictionary, which will help us during our ground […]


June 20, 2012
My vegetation group and I placed markers on the ground around the Heiau so we can georeference the image later on during the analysis. We flew a kite and a fixed wing airplane over the site. It went very smoothly and the wind was ideal for both platforms. After lunch we went on […]


June 19, 2012
Keeping it short today. Had a long day in the field.
Today we went to the field to start taking spectral readings of rare and common native species. This isn’t the easiest process; there are many variables that affect the outcome. Major variables that we battled today included the weather. We were right on […]

First full day


June 18, 2012
Today was our first full day on Kauai. I woke up to our weather port glowing orange from the early sun and the roosters cockle-doodle-doodling at 6 am. It was very nice walking out of our tent and smelling the fresh air on Kauai. After eating breakfast our whole group met to start […]


June 17, 2012
We made it to Kauai!
Well after a long morning of traveling we finally made it to Kauai. Lida and David Burney picked us up in trucks and vans at the airport. After loading all the equipment in the trucks we took off to the NTBG research field station where we will be staying […]


June 16, 2012
Short write up today. We had the day off from lectures today so spent the majority of the day packing and running errands for last minute things. We had some great Thai food on 2nd street for lunch. I then returned to campus to finish downloading GIS data and continued searching for articles […]

Vegetation and Pizza

June 15th, 2012
After our wonderful breakfast at the dorms, we headed back up to our meeting spot to meet the professors. Dr. Lipo discussed the three areas of study in more detail to give us a better understanding of what each project will entail. The three areas of study are vegetation, agricultural fields, and hydrology. […]

It’s a bird, It’s a plane…. no it’s a BLIMP

June 14, 2012
The majority of today was spent on learning the equipment that we will be using while on Kauai. In small groups we rotated between three different “mini-crash courses”. The first section was learning how to use handheld GPS devices. I am very familiar with using GPS devices and generating points, so it was […]

dogs breakfast

June 13, 2012
Today we had a great lecture about hydrology and potential hydrology project on Kauai. Out of the three topics we are going to be doing research on I know the least about hydrology, but sounds very interesting and would love to take on project while on Kauai dealing with hydrology.
After a crash course […]

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