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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Presentation Day

Today we started our day in the classroom at NTBG. We worked on some data analysis and prepared our presentations for the night. After that we went to collect more data at Allerton. We tied the Loggers and the GPS to the long boards and sent them off. Ali was also able to collect samples […]

Dealing with Data

Today we spent all day in the lab processing data. I am working with the temperature and conductivity data. I was working on condensing and combining data today. I linked the GPS coordinates with the temperature and conductivity data retrieved from the Loggers. We had many different data collection methods including: data from the Outrigger […]

Data Collection

Today we did data collection out in the field. We spent time looking for bays because we felt that we were more likely to find groundwater discharge in these areas. We traveled on some rough roads, and once we got out in the areas where we were doing our data collection, we set things up. […]

In the garden

Today we took a break from the sun and worked on data processing. We worked in the classroom at NTBG. The hydrology group and the vegetation group shared the room. It was great to see all these minds coming together to work on their research. Everyone was willing to help each other out and we […]

Sea Turtles

Today was our Zodiak tour on the Na Pali Coast. Being out on the ocean in those boats was great! When we arrived, we took a tour of the different archeological sites. One thing that struck me was the information about the well. The well collects water in three different ways: one from tapping into […]

Waimea Canyon

Today we visited Waimea Canyon. We discussed some of the geologic features within the canyon. We talked about the different soil and the erosion features. It was a beautiful place! We were also able to look at some of the native plant species and we got to hear the legend behind one of the plants. […]

Boat Ride

Today we got up before the sun to get ready for our boat ride. We went out on the boat at about 6 AM to collect data about the temperature and conductivity of the water at different locations using the Loggers and GPS. It was rough waters and not everyone did so well with the […]


Today we began our day in the classroom of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. We got spectral readings from the rock samples we collected yesterday. We had a little bit of trouble with the spectrometer, but it was nice to be out in the sun as we took our readings. After we took the water […]


Today was a good day of data collection. We began our day in Makauwahi Cave where we took water samples from the sink hole and recorded the temperature and salinity of the water. We hiked down the coast collecting samples and discussing the different rock formations. Along the way, we numbered and recorded the samples, described […]


Today we got to explore in Makawaki Cave described as a “Poor man’s time machine.” Dr. Burney explained how his research in the cave has revealed a lot of information about the past. I think it is great how some scientific stories are able to match up with family stories from different people on the […]

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