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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 17: I Cooked!

We worked mostly in the lab. I feel that I didn’t get that much done, well at least compared to the first lab day. I entered all of my rock information into at excel spreadsheet from my field book and I worked in ERDAS. In ERDAS, I layer stacked my image, sebseted it and converted […]

Day 16: Back to the Water

We started out but driving around for about 2 hours looking for a good bay to go and snorkel and paddle a surfboard. We started out in Poipu and realized that most of the spots we wanted to go weren’t a great place to go. So we ended driving to the Maha’ulepu beach right by […]

Day 15: Back to the Lab

Today, we spent the day in the lab. I feel like I got a lot done today. I worked with Dr. Lee for a bit trying to figure out the best imagery to use for my data. I can’t use Landsat TM or ASTER because the spatial resolution is big for what I need because […]

Day 14:Stranded on the Napoli Coast

We started the morning by waking up at 4 am. We all got ready and were out the door by 5. It was a miracle! We made our way to the dock. We road on a zodiac for about an hour to the Napoli Coast State Park. The boats then left and were going to […]

Day 13: A Great Day Off!

Today, we went up to Wiamea Canyon and saw a lot of the beautiful island. Then in the afternoon, We all went down to Poipu Beach and had a BBQ, snorkeled, went shopping, and watched the sunset. I was definitely a great day!

Day 12: A Very Long But Successful Day

We got up and were on the water before the sun was even up. We went out on a fishing boat to get more readings for the loggers. We all had seperate jobs to take care of. Kelly was the data recorder, Courtney was the temperature tractor, Ali was in charge oh water sample taking, […]

Day 11: It’s Called Paddling, Not Rowing!


It seems like the days just keep getting better and better. In the morning, we went to the lab at the NTBG and start more research. We started with using the spectrometer to read all of our 11 rock samples. Then, I went and started calibrating  our 5 Loggers that we used and are going […]

Day 10: Just Keep Hiking

On day 10, we went one a long hike. We arrived at the cave around 9 am, and unfortunately our instructor, Dr. Becker, and our GA, Wes, were running late, so we ended up hiking to the Heiau with the other teams. When Dr. Becker and Wes caught  up to us, we ended hiking back […]

Day 9: The Cave and Hike

In the morning, the Ag group and Hydro group took a tour of the Makauwahi Cave. Burney showed us around the north cave where the entrance is, then around the sinkhole, and finally around the south cave. Burney said they have found bones of dogs, chickens, human bones, and a coffin in different areas of […]

Day 8: NTBG

In the morning, Dr. Burney showed us around and gave us a tour of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. He told us about all of the invasive species and plants that are pretty much taking over the island and how the native plants and species are going extinct or endangered. He showed us around the […]

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