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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 27

Today our tasks were:
1. Cleaning up and uploading our data
2. Filling our the questionnaire
3. Sharing photos/other data on the NAZ and dropbox
4.Pack up and get ready for our 2210 flight back to LAX.

Day 26

A lot of people were on edge just waiting until it was our presentation time. I did approximately 4 to 5 full practices of my presentation landing at around 9 to 10 minutes 20 seconds. We got dress as professionally as we could and headed to Kualoa Ranch. Long story short, everyone gave their presentations […]

Day 25

Today mostly everyone was in the barn for most of the day working on papers and presentations. I called it quits after 2 a.m. so that I’ll have enough energy to deliver a presentation tomorrow. I won’t share any pictures yet because I do not want to give away my presentation. It will all be […]

Day 24


Because of all the problems I have been having with the mosaics and processing time in eCognition, I have decided to focus my native plant classification methods to single RICOH images taken off of the X8. I worked first on the RGB image that had a good location of Hala and Kukui. With using powerful […]

Day 23

Narnia Mosaic from the Quadcopter

After a late night discussion with many REU students and grad students (especially Emily!) I had a new mission. Everyone helped me brainstorm throughout the whole day and Emily helped me focus on another area that may possibly have different vegetation growing on opposite sides of the area we call Narnia. I was still continuing […]

Day 22

Mosaic Image Error

Today I had to reassess my research and really hone in on some analysis with the imagery and tools available to me. I was hoping to get some really cool multispectral imagery but from being out in the field I realized how difficult it actually is to obtain. In the Ka’a’awa Valley the weather is […]

Day 21

Oahu Shoreline

Our free day started out with a bus ride to the Turtle Bay resort to get our rental car. Our goal was to full tour by driving around the entire island and we actually ended up doing it twice. The highlight of the day was going snorkeling with Greg and Peter at shark bay. At […]

Day 20


This day wasn’t so great because I did not get the results I wanted. I went out into the field again to try to get imagery of the area with a pretty good amount of Hala. The problem was that rain and wind got in the way of the flight plans and didn’t get me […]

Day 19


Similar to yesterday I went back out into the field with a quadcopter and a pentax optio and tried to get imagery of the native plant Hala which grows near the ridge lines/ areas that have low disturbance. Much of the time the cloud cover, wind or rain delayed our flight and we were only […]

Day 18

Phantom flight south side valley

This morning I started out to try and push a multispectral camera on any platform. Greg told me that a flight was just uploaded onto the NAZ but has not been processed yet. Since I was already out on the field I decided to try and create a sample of my own and try to […]

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