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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 17


We were back out on the field today, but now everyone was moving solo. Everyone was now concerned about their own research so the first area of competition was through the trimble units. We only have about 4 of these that can add GPS points with a data dictionary and they were all taken early […]

Day 16

Hammering out research questions

We didn’t go to the field today and just focused on data management. We started off by cleaning up our common products and adding metadata to Kerry’s master geodatabase collection when each group had the time to get on the computer. This day also marked the shift to our individual research questions and made a […]

Day 15

Dr. Drake identifying Strawberry Guava

We finally had a breakthrough with vegetation today. Dr. Drake, a botanist from University of Hawaii, came out this afternoon and helped us identify all of the plants we had questions about in the valley. I felt very fortunate to have an expert come all the way to Kualoa Ranch merely to help out some […]

Day 14

Hawaiian Goods

The presentations of the common products today were really impressive. It was a great seeing all of the different projects come together at the end where specific products actually were intertwined with all of the others. The first presentation of Geology by Thomas and Jeanette was amazing. I think everyone in the group felt kind […]

Day 13

Beach @ North Shore

In the morning I tried another ERDAS supervised classification before leaving for North Shore. We had fun kayaking along a river and got to see some sea turtles and ended up having some food and drinks and then relaxing on the beach to watch the sunset and headed back home to finish up our common […]

Day 12

laser scanner

We started our half field day by visiting the Kualoa Ranch “Judd Theater” to see a quick video about the history of the ranch and its previous land uses in sugar cane production, WWII military uses and cattle production. The highlight of the field day was seeing a laser scanner out in the field collecting […]

Day 11


Today was our make-up field day to recover the points we lost yesterday. This time we had 2 timbles loaded with our data dictionary so we were able to split into 2 teams. Peter and Audrey got the points in the south valley and Adriana and I headed for the far North East side of […]

Day 10

Lunch Prep Station

Before heading out to the field, Kerry helped organize our mess by setting up our Lunch Prep Area. It has made our morning run a lot smoother!

Today we had another full field day and we managed to collect points for about 90% of the valley. Adriana and Kerry joined us today and they helped out […]

Day 9

Horse Greet

This morning we were greeted by the horses as we were leaving for the Ka’a’awa Valley. It looked like they were trying to get into the cars with us.   We had a full and free field day to collect any data we wanted. Yesterday we found out that our data dictionary was not […]

Day 8


After a long discussion with Peter and Audrey last night, we finally compiled a data dictionary for vegetation. Our first issue was on what scale we were going to plot points. The ideal common product would have been at the taxa level, but since our level of research did not require that level of detail, […]

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