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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Off day

June 23, 2012
Today we were supposed to go to Waimea canyon, but unfortunately on the way to the place my stomach started to feel funky so I stayed behind with Paul and we took a bus back to Theobald house.  I fell asleep for a while until the rest of the people came and then […]

Native/Invasive Mapping

June 22, 2012
Today we went out into the field to map out swaths of invasive/native vegetation to use in conjunction with the images that we now have and that we will have in the future from the kite and plane pictures.  Using the trimble we plotted points along with some attributes such as % ground […]

Day 11: Lab Day Numero Uno

June 21, 2012
Today was a data download day, it wasn’t hectic at all, but it was super informative!  We went to the NTBG center conference room with our laptops and downloaded all of the images that our flights have taken.  There were a lot of them, but MANY of them weren’t good enough to use; […]

Day 10: Caving it

June 20, 2012
Today we went to the same palace place as yesterday to get some aerial imagery and take some GPS points, the way we took the aerial imagery was pretty cool we put up a kite and a fixed wing plane to continually take pictures of the area.  We are going to have to […]

Day 9!

June 20, 2012 (post is about June 19, 2012)
Yesterday was a super long day!  The first thing that we did was try to use the spectrometer to tag some plants, but the weather was not cooperating at all!  It rained on us as soon as we had calibrated it and when we got back out […]

Day 8: NTBG

July 18, 2012
Second day in Hawaii and I gotta say it was pretty good!  Woke up in the morning to do a couple of stretches and work outs in order to get going.  Then we went to the National Tropical Botanical Gardens to check out their gardens and facilities.  They were real nice, even though […]

Day 7: Off to Kaua’i

June 17, 2012
Early wake up call today!  5:00 in the morning to meet up at 5:30 and head to the airport.  It was a super easy airplane ride, I didn’t get to sleep much though which sucked.  But now that I’m already here in Kaua’i it doesn’t matter because it’s Kaua’i!  It’s been pretty cool, […]

Day 6: Rest

June 17. 2012 (post about June 16, 2012)
Yesterday was just a day of resting, I just hung around and read a couple of articles that were assigned to the vegetation groups.  Real chill.

Plants, Beer and Jubilance. The Real PB&J

June 16, 2012 (post is about June 15)
Yesterday was the day we finally broke out into our respective groups (either Vegetation, which I am a part of, hydrology or archeology).  We met up and submitted proposals for the group that we wanted to be in and the professors split us up.  I met up with […]

99 rubber balloons?

June 14, 2012
Today was an interesting day as we finally got to be a little “handsy” and use some of the tools that we will use in Kaua’i.
The first tool that we saw was the XRF, an x-ray machine that measures the compounds inside or on top of (depending on the situation) of almost anything. […]

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