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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

And now, the end is near…

Presentations: done
Report: done.
It has been a pleasure to work with so many smart young individuals.  I have learned a lot and feel that I have a new course to take in life.  This is what this experience is meant to do, I suspect.

Day 25: An all nighter

Yes, working on my powerpoint, presentation, and report.  Countdown, 14 hours till completion.
I am proud of myself.  I know more than I give myself credit for and I have learned a lot as well.  I am excited to own my project, and be a part of all the tangents that came with it.  Paul and […]

Day 24: T-44 hours till freedom

Started the day wide awake at 6 and getting to what I know.  Thermal comparisons to true color photos were the name of the game.
Near noonish, I went out with Paul and Michelle.  Spent 1/2 hour in the Kualoa Giftshop before walking up to the wall that Paul was filming.  Then we headed out to […]

Day 23: Starting to come together

A rainy, indoor data day.  I am encouraged by my question, at the same time discouraged at being able to get good data.
My answer with thermal will probably be that caves can not be differentiated from vegetation (which there is a lot of).  Tomorrow I will spend one more day getting a thermal close up […]

Day 22: Count down to last field day

Spend the day in the field doing transects of the wall with the David Morgan cave and the adjoining wall to the east of it.  I am now focusing in on a small part of the wall to be able to do a 90 degree transform of the wall and create contours of the topology. […]

Day 21: Day off (sort of)


Today is the much anticipated day off!    Had several options, but decided to get a scooter and ride the island.  However, I did not make a reservation and the rental shops were closed to check availability.
I decided to help search and rescue Mike’s hexacopter.  It is always thrilling to do hiking with a purpose, […]

Day 20: Finally rid of the pins and needles

YAY!!  The thermal is working as is the X100.  Unfortunately Mikes hexacopter is somewhere in the ferns somewhere in the valley.
Spent the day finding ground control points to be able to locate the vertical wall that Greg is creating, for Arc Scene.   When I got several points, it was time to watch out for […]

Day 19

Spent the day indoors fiddling with PhotoScan.  Also spent the time looking into thermography of cave openings.
Cooked a non-tuna casserole dinner!
Just crossing my fingers that the thermal camera works tomorrow.
‘Nuff said!

Day 18: A step closer to the cave of mystery


Video from yesterdays test flight before climbing the walls:
Today used the Phantom with the Optio to transect the southern walls again.  Beautiful cloudy morning till around noon when the skies opened up just as we finished a flight.  We expected the rain to subside as usual after 1-2 minutes, but 10 minutes later we were […]

Day 17: Flying High!

Had a FANTASTIC day eventually.  Started out hiking the north side of the valley to get different perspectives of caves across the valley using shadows as well as higher elevation and binoculars to locate caves and put on the topo map.  Eventually gave up due to too many “caves”.  Caves are everywhere, and I suspect […]

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