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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 16. Let’s get this party started

It’s official, I am doing a vertical map that will incorporate thermal imaging to locate cave openings in the valley walls.  Hope to find some archaeological significance.
Did a trial run with Ted using his Instant eye copter and a Go-Pro camera.  I took the controls and instantly wanted to get one!  I can figure out […]

Day 15, best day yet


Started out the day wanting to wrap up loose ends at an archaeological wall feature that David Morgan showed us.  As I was walking back, I saw a wall feature that reminded me of what Jessica had been finding on the southern side of the southern valley wall.  Explored a bit, and found another wall. […]

Day 14: Decision time!

Well, not quite…
Day started with meeting the locals at church.
Finishing up Powerpoint, reading research articles, and getting ideas for my individual project followed my outing.
Presentation went really well.  I believe the geology may have been the foundation for a lot of things to consider like hydrology, vegetation, and in a roundabout way the archaeological sites. […]

Day 13 Day off

Morning started with a sleep in.  Enjoying listening to the rain again overnight.
Sleep in done, powerpoint perfection.  Worked till 2 on making the powerpoint presentable.
Caught the bus to Haliewa.  Enjoyed talking to several locals one of whom lives with his backyard butting up against the Kualoa Ranch property.  Another told me about the joys of […]

Day 12 and Day 6 in the field

It has been enjoyable getting up with the thought of exploring the sub-tropical area for geology and archaeology.  Today was no exception.  There were multiple things that need and could be done.
Options for today.

 Watching and helping Ted do transects of the cliff faces with the idea of finding caves, with his quadcopter.
going to seek out […]

Day 5 in the field

Went to the western-most part of the valley to search for archaeological sites.  The area was very dense with vegetation to the point that no hiking was able to be done.  The area was very clay rich and water was just running over the surface.  It was very humid/wet in that part of the valley, […]

Archy time!

Rained last night.  Beautiful to sleep in a tent to the sound of rain.
Split off from geo and worked with archaeology today.  Geology was pretty much done with the goal of finding the contact between the clay rich and large clast rich soils.  Our hypothesis is that the dissappearing water flows are due to the […]

The hidden world of geologic data dictionary descriptions


Woke up to the spitting of rain that stopped just as I put the rainfly on.  Love to hear the roosters and horses anxious to get out of their stalls.

More geologic mapping today with the GPS.  Back into the mosquito ridden streams.  Our best method of seeing different alluvium formations is in the stream cuts […]

Boots on the ground


Had the best sleep!  Thank goodness for the tents!
Thomas and I started out the morning doing our best but still missing the mark in making a data dictionary.  We were really lacking a good mentor, Dr. Becker’s absence was noted.  I started panicking when everyone was speaking with the TA’s and instructors about their dictionaries […]

Valiant effort

Spent the most miserable camping night of my life!  Camping in freezing weather with just my 30 degree bag and no tent was much more enjoyable.  I wanted to sleep sans tent.  The mozzies were so persistent.  My bug repellent with 30% DEET was only slightly effective.  I slept in my little cotton Cocoon because […]

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