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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 27

Today was the final day of the REU.
We had our presentations in the square just outside the Geography department. The weather was cloudy at first but the sun came out during the first team’s presentation,which felt nice at first but led to a little discomfort on my part since I had not worn a hat […]

Day 26

Today was a stressfull day. I and the other undergraduates all were working furiously to finish our posters by this evening.
As per usual I had trouble with ArcMap, nothing game-changing just the standard crash-to-desktop-dont-you-wish-you-had-saved-your-edits frustration.
Around 3pm I had finished my data and figured out how to symbolize it, all that was left was making a poster […]

Day 25

Today was a day of computer work and GIS analysis.
I am making some progress on finishing my data analysis. I even got a chance to eet with Dr. Becker and show him what I have done so far (calculating flow accumulation as a value of the # of cells draining into points on the coast, […]

Day 24

Today is July 4th, happy birthday America!
Officially today is a day off, but I felt too far behind to relax. Instead I spent the majority of the day working through my data.
The notable exception tot this day of work was when I went to a holiday barbecue hosted by professor Wechsler. The food was good, the company […]

Day 23

Oh how quickly the plans of mortals change.
I still cannot seem to shake this jet lag. Getting up in the morning is a herculean task. Additionally, I had a slew of errors when using the ArcHydro extension last night. Basically, I was unable to resolve adding slope to the stream line which would be used […]

Day 22

Today is our first full day back in Long Beach. The jet lag was especially bad for me this morning, so bad that I didn’t make it to the morning session of lab work that everyone else went too. I am not overly concerned since I havent hit any major issues with my data analysis […]

Day 20 and 21

All my bags are packed and I am ready to go…
Today is travel back to Long Beach. I will miss Kauai. I believe that my team has some good data, and it will make for some solid posters. Still, there is always more data to be gathered and a place like Kauai is a wonderful […]

Day 19

First thing today Team Hydro ™ headed to the embayment near Prince Kuhio Park. The embayment was rather small; I would guess 40m across at the widest point, with volcanic rocks along the coast. This did result in having some convenient seating while Courtney and Ali used our only two GPS units while collecting data.
I […]

Day 18

Today had a change of plans. Instead of going to our last embayment near Prince Kuhio Park, Team Hydro ™ spent the day preparing our presentations for this evening. The purpose of the presentation is to give an overview of our project questions and progress so far (also some priming the pump for our poster […]

Day 17

Today was as full data processing day for Team Hydro™. Personally the biggest challenge I am facing now is learning the ArcHydro toolset (which has a compact 187pg tutorial). My goal was to do a dry run using a 10 DEM of Kauai, following the steps in the tutorial, and compare my results with the […]

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