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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 16

Today began with some driving around the island trying to find the point of interest Wes had identified earlier using imagery. It took a bit but we eventually found Mahaulepu beach where Courtney and Ali paddled out into the surf on longboards, trailing the data probes, to collect readings. Alison and I took the opportunity […]

Day 15

Data day today.
Of the three teams two where at NTBG working on data analysis. The pre-contact fields (archeology) group went out into the field and likely had a more interesting day. My team however was in the lab.
After a full two hours of searching, I found an up to date set of Hydro tools that […]

Day 14

View of the other boat this morning

Another early morning today, we had a trip to Nualolo Kai. Nualolo Kai is officially a state park on the northwest part of the island. According to Dr. Burney this was one of the last areas populated by native Hawaiians, they were forced out in the 70’s when the area was designated a state park. […]

Day 13

Today was something of a half day. Rather than having a traditional field day, we drove up into the “Grand Canyon of Hawaii” Waimea Canyon. The views were spectacular and I got some really cool photos of the scenery. Unfortunately my camera is dead and I can’t upload any photos until later but I hope […]

Day 12

Today was a super early day, and because of events you will read about momentarily a very short blog.
In the light of dawn we set out to meet with a charter fishing boat that would be towing our sensors behind it today. The boat was a trawler, about 25-30” in length and made for an […]

Day 11

Today was a split day, half lab work and half field work. In the morning we went to the NTBG lecture hall to begin recording spectro data on the rocks we collected yesterday. I am very glad that I do not have to use a field spectrometer, the blasted thing would freeze every 4-5 samples […]

Day 10

Today involved a lot of hiking and ground trothing/geologic sample taking.
After breakfast, and a brief drive, we began hiking from The Cave to the Heiau. After arriving at the Heiau, we realized that there had been a miscommunication with Dr. Becker. We were supposed to start our survey at The Cave! So we hiked back […]

Day 9

I turned in early yesterday, right after dinner, so I had plenty of sleep when the cocks starting crowing at 6:20 this morning. After nice breakfast myself and the other interns trekked out into the field.
The day began with a tour of the makauwahi cave led by Dr. Burney. Dr. Burney had been leading the […]

Day 8

The View

Today was our first full day on Kaua’i.
I woke up around 6:25 when the light of dawn really began to effect the inside of the weather port. It felt like what I imagine living inside a light bulb must feel like, the domed ceiling over my head lit up a surprisingly bright orange.
After breakfast we […]

Day 6 and 7

Super abbreviated post this weekend.
On the 6th we had sort of a “free day”. The only responsibility I had was to pack for the flight today and relax. Now I should have spent this time elbow deep in academic papers, and to my credit I was probably wrist deep, I printed out multiple papers that […]

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