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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 11

fixed wing 5_21

Today was pretty much a data day. We went to the education center at the garden and explored the imagery with ERDAS and created some orthophotos in PhotoScan. I feel like I have a much better handle on ERDAS now. Using PhotoScan to create DEMS from the pictures the kite and fixedwing took was great. […]

Day 10

Today started with a hike to the heiau and several successful flights with both the kite and fixed wing remote sensing platforms. The kite is great because of its simplicity. The camera it carries can be set to take pictures at fixed intervals or manually and it can also rotate to obtain pictures from other […]

Day 9

Today my group started out taking spectroscopy reading with Mike. We took 10 readings from two different WiliWili plants in different states of leaf on/leaf off. This means that leaves on the same plant can be anywhere from dark green to yellow. These different readings are necessary because in order to properly create a spectral […]

Day 8 Kauai


Today started with a tour of the National Botanical Gardens led by Dr. Burney. The first stop was the main library on the facility where we met the gardens GIS director and talked about the methods that have been used to map Kauai’s rare plants in the past and the efforts they are making to […]

Day 7

We met at 5:30 this morning and went through the usually airport mess. It turned out we had a ton of bags to check. I have never in my life seen so much luggage attached to so few people. I am not a fan of these body scan “security measures” . Freedom? I think not. […]

Day 6

Not much to say today got some last minute gear and read some articles. Packed my clothes and got everything ready for tomorrow!

Day 5

Today I found out I’m in the vegetation group! This means lots of remote sensing and hopefully becoming a skilled Ecognition tech.  I will be with Dr.Lee’s group mapping invasive species and trying to find new ways top remotely sense them. Creating new methods for this type of classification is necessary because most of the […]

Day 4


Today was filled with training  exciting new equipment! First my group learned how to use the Trimble GPS unit. This unit can create shapefiles of vector features that can be put directly into ArcGIS or other formats. We also used the Garmin units to collect data points and then loaded them into DNR online software […]

Day 3


Today we had a lecture on the hydrology portion of the Kauai REU from Matt Becker. It seemed like this portion of the trip would be exciting and interesting. I think this will be my second choice for the “group” I want to be in. After that Dr. Wechsler gave us a review on using […]

Day 2

Kauai Overlay

Today Dr. Lipo gave a lecture on the metaphysics of science. This consisted of explaining that everything I thought I knew about research, theory, and hypotheses was incorrect. I learned the difference between Ideational and Phenomenological and how they relate to one another. We then had another lecture about remote sensing and the different capabilities […]

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