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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Judgement Day

Well the program’s over, I definitely fell a bit behind on my blog the last week. Finishing up the posters and data crunching took up just about all the computer time I could manage each day unfortunately. To sum up, the week was spent doing and redoing all the steps necessary to complete my project […]

The Fellowship of the Ring

Well we’re headed home at last. Spent the morning packing and waiting, then headed to the airport. No real snafus, pretty boring flight, no complaints. Got home late but we had some delicious snacks waiting for us, much thanks to Dr. Wechsler, so appreciated.

On Stranger Tides

Beach day! Got up early for a final sunrise and an early morning swim, then went out to an excellent breakfast. Great start to the day. And it only continued! Spent the afternoon snorkeling (tons of cool fish), bbq-ing and enjoying the sun. Really a nice day. About that whole school thing…

Oceans 13

Starting to wind down since we finished our presentations and only have a couple days left here. The morning was relaxing as we did some geo-caching and had beach time. After lunch we went back to the lab to crunch data again. I used the UAV imagery to pan-sharpen the World View 2 imagery and […]

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Another inside type of day as we had to spend much of it crunching data and getting ready for our status update presentations. The morning was incredibly frustrating. Repeated computer failings combined with the fact that I made but proceeded to forget my lunch put me a little behind the 8 ball. Fortunately Briton had […]

Revenge of the Sith

A good morning transitioned into an incredibly frustrating afternoon. Spent the morning collecting the last of my points and wandering around the site. Once again somewhat repetitive but I can’t complain about such trifles when I get to be working outside, near the beach, in the sun. The afternoon wasn’t quite so grand. It was […]

Attack of the Clones

Having picked our topics yesterday we set about collecting the last data we’d need to do our analysis before getting back to Long Beach. For me that involved walking around taking as many GPS points as possible of any areas I could later use to compare the effectiveness of my two classification schemes. The work […]

The Return of the King

Great nights rest finally, waking up this morning felt great. Unfortunately we proceeded to spend the day indoor with some good ol’ fashioned screen time. The main takeaway from today was nailing down our individual projects. Or working on it at least. For mine, I’ll be attempting to take our UAV imagery and turn it […]

At World’s End

No much academia to report on today. Instead, we got up around 4:15 AM to catch a zodiac ride up the Na Pali coast. The ride itself was a blast. Scooted along the tops of waves much faster than expected, a thrill I thoroughly enjoy. Also ended up getting utterly soaked. Our amazing pilots gave […]

From Dusk Til Dawn (backwards)

Day off! So nice. While being in Hawaii is awesome no matter what you spend your time doing it was really nice to get a day of being a bit more touristy. The morning was chaotic as always but we made it up to Wiamea Canyon which was stunning. We drove up and stopped at […]

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