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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

When Nature Calls

We lost internet recently so this is a bit late. Combined with the fact that we got home late and we’re leaving at 4:30 AM tomorrow I’ll have to keep this entry rather brief.
Friday was our first bigtime data collection day. We spent the morning taking GPS points and pictures/metadata about the different land coverage […]

Rise of the Machines

A very computer based day. Good, helpful and productive but something of a letdown considering we spend a whole day in Hawaii inside a cramped windowless room staring at screens. Maybe something I’d be more ok with if I hadn’t spent a lifetime deprived of sun. Hard life having it so close but inaccessible. Anyways […]

The Search for Spock

Getting harder to get inspired for morning workouts, but managed to pull it off again despite our earlier kickoff time. Walked back to the temple once we got to the site but we were much more productive today. Got off several flights with one of the UAVs and took lots of pictures with the kite. […]

The Temple of Doom

Very very long day. 9 to 5 on your feet in the sun, while awesome, takes it out of you. Add on to that a 2 hour lecture on the geology of Kauai in the evening and it made for a very early bedtime. The day was good though despite natures best efforts. We started […]

A New Hope

What better way could there be to wake up than a workout followed by an outdoor shower in the tropics. So awesome. Made some scrambled eggs (also nice to be back to cooking for myself… ). Today was dedicated to not being on schedule. Or maybe to a tour of the gardens, its hard to […]


Finally of to Kauia! Got up early to pack up and head to the airport. Definitely needed the extra time as getting that many people through security with so many bags of so much important stuff. We did make it though. Pretty painless flight, slept mostly so that worked out well. Easy arrival as well […]

Off day!

Break! So necessary. John and I helped the profs pack. Its hard to imagine being less useful as I had no idea what was important or where anything should go. We did manage to get it done in pretty good time though. After that we went for lunch at a Thai restaurant. One member of […]

Day 5

Starting to get a bit more relaxed. After a few days of wall to wall lectures today we finally decided which groups we would be in for the trip. In the morning we had a lecture from Dr. Lipo about his studies on Easter Island and how they related to what we may be doing […]

Day 4

A more hands on day today. We started a little late (technically difficulties one would imagine), then rotated through three stations. First off was a GPS tutorial wherein we walked around and got ourselves accustomed to using the trimble by making a smiley face over campus. Next up was the XRF, an X-ray machine which […]

Wildly GISticulating

Well that sped up in a hurry. Quite a day today. Not only did we have quite a few lectures but the tutorials went at light speed. It was all I could do to stay anywhere near caught up. First off, Matt Becker introduced what his hydrogeology work onKauaiwould consist of, this being kayaking around […]

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