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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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final two days

I spent Friday morning completing my data analysis.  Unfortunately, I discovered that all my samples were seawater with the exception of two spring samples.  Go figure!  Although I was unable to classify rock origin and presence of submarine groundwater discharge, the process was still useful for showing what could be done with water samples by […]


I am attempting to work as quickly as I can to finish my data analysis; unfortunately, the machine that I am process all of my samples through is quite slow and the learning curve is fairly steep.  It took about 8 hours for all my samples to run, which means I did not have any […]

grapefruits over long beach


Happy Birthday America!
Dr. Wechsler invited the whole group over to her house for a good old fashioned BBQ.  Her hospitality was generous and the food was delicious!  The climax of the evening had to be the grapefruit battle between the young boys under the age of 9 and the young men over the age of […]


More of the same…
Time in the lab is going slowly with little progress.  Sounds like research, right?  The ion chromatograph is not reading our carbonate standard correctly, so I may have to scrap looking at anions as a whole and just focus on the cations.  These would mean reducing my piper diagram into just one […]

ic data here, there, and everywhere


I spent the day becoming familiar with the ion chromatography machine.  I am filtering all of my samples and then diluting them because the concentration of salt might shock the system.  This is a timely process, so I didn’t concentrate on much more than this.

I also worked a little more on my final map.  I […]

from one beach to another


Travel day!
Sad to leave this beautiful land

and these beautiful people

go beach!

Beach day!

from friends to family

Today was our final day of data collection.  We complete this step at a bay across from Prince Kuhio Memorial Park.  Courtney and I snorkeled the bay while we held onto a logger and GPS unit.  The water was the murkiest I had seen in Hawaii.  It was nearly impossible to see further than a […]

perks of a scientist


Time to prepare our group presentation for the evening lecture was first on the agenda for the day.  We created a PowerPoint for the overall project, as well as for each individual project.  The purpose of these presentations were to give the rest of the group an idea of our progress on our project.  We […]

colorful progression


Every time that I collected a water sample, I also took a GPS waypoint with a Garmin.  I projected these points onto an annual rainfall raster layer overlain by a watershed polygon layer, as well as a layer with all of streams on the island of Kauai.  A rough draft of this map follows…
I plan […]

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