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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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water in the sky


After looking at the data from the boat ride and outriggers, we could not see clear transitions of temperature or salinity so we decided that collecting data at a smaller spatial scale might correct for this. The day was spent mostly in water.  Courtney and I used long surf boards with loggers tied to the end […]

tree hugger


Dr. Becker is flying back to Long Beach soon, so we spent our day in the lab crunching data.  Although we were all working on our individual projects, there was still constructive communication stemming from each individual which strengthened our broader project.  Later in the day, our group took a trip to the gardens to get more […]

coast of cliffs


Our day started at 4:45 in the morning.  We headed to Naulolo Kai on the Na Pali Coast; the mode of transportation was a zodiac boat, an inflatable boat with an engine.  If you have never been on a zodiac, the structure of the boat causes the ride to be comparable to off-roading.  All passengers […]



Sights, sand, sun, and snorkel. See ya Indiana!


mariners of the sea


We were whisked away from our warm beds at 5:30 this morning to go on a fishing boat to observe the coast and tow our loggers to gather data.  Although it was difficult to rise at such an early hour, the sunrise made it well worth the lack of sleep.
I was in charge of […]

paddling my way to happiness


Today was my favorite day in Kauai thus far.  My morning was spent obtaining spectroscopy data from the rocks we collected the previous day.  Natural lighting is required for the spectrometer to accurately read the subject material, thus we decided to set up our laboratory outside on a veranda that overlooked a lush valley. We […]

Death March to Danger Beach


Today was most productive. After assisting in imagery collection at the sacred Hawaiian heiau my geology group continued hiking along Mahalapu coast. Rain is always welcomed by our group; the cool mist refreshes us after hours in the strong sun rays.  For most of the hike we were joined by our pseudo-mascot Simon (brindle colored puppy). Most striking to me was the […]



The morning was spent exploring the largest limestone cave in Kauai.  Burney guided us through the cave while telling stories about its history; at one point this was a ritual place for a soothsayer.  The most common fossil found inside of the cave are palm trees.  Burney has made efforts to plant native vegetation outside […]

Lotus Love


We spent the morning touring the National Botanical Garden (NTBG).  It is a very special place where many rare native plants live.  The garden was first owned by the McBryde family and then sold to Robert Allerton.  After Allerton passed away, the property was left as a trust; in the 1990s NTBG formally assumed management […]

Don’t worry, be happy

Spent the day flying. Aloha, friends!
With the 3 hour time difference, we ended up getting to Hawaii around lunch time. David and Lida Burney, who oversee educational programs at the National Botanical Garden, welcomed us to the island and kindly drove us to our home for the next two weeks.  It is a comfortable house that […]

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