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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 28: Still Going Strong…

Okay, so even though the program is officially over, I still feel compelled to keep up a blog!  Just wanted to say thank you to all the professors, grad assistants, and lecturers that helped to pull this program together. And thanks to Bryan and Kate for hanging out with me on the last day before […]

Day 27: Obligation-Free!


Today was our final day of the REU!  All thirteen students presented their research at the poster session in the morning.  It was great seeing the culmination of everyone’s work, and seeing how everyone’s work intertwines.  You should definitely check out everyone else’s wiki pages for some awesome and unique projects!  The entire group had […]

Day 26: I thought I was done with the poster last night, but little did I know…

“Sitting in the computer lab, 4am before the final paper was due; cursing the world, ’cause I didn’t start sooner, and seeing the rest of the class there too…”
Okay maybe it wasn’t 4am, but we were definitely all sitting in that computer lab working on our posters all day.  Making a scientific poster is more […]

Day 25: Spiderman to the Rescue!


Woke up rather late today… but I had the most productive afternoon and evening, so it all balanced out!
I went to lab after lunch and started to digitize the field boundaries and archaeological features that are visible on the imagery.  My line features look like Spiderman’s tangled web, but if you look closely, you can tell […]

Day 24: The Night Ended with a Bang

After sleeping in for the first time in weeks, I felt recharged and eager for data analysis.  Only one problem: today was our day off!  So I played around with some data, and then quickly tossed it aside to go hang out at Dr. Wechsler’s house for a 4th of July BBQ.  The afternoon grapefruit […]

Day 23: Tracing Boundaries


While my brain may have turned to mush, today was a very productive lab day at the Beach.  I arrived at lab at 9am and immediately started to georeference and subset any last-minute maps I had discovered.  I then began to analyze the agricultural field patterns near the quarry.  In some images, you can see […]

Day 22: Strange Eating Habits

I completely slept through my alarm this morning (no thanks to jet-lag), so I fed myself leftover M&Ms from the flight for breakfast.  I spent the rest of the day in the lab at CSULB getting to the heart of my data analysis.  I created subsets of my georeferenced maps and imagery so that comparing […]

Day 21: Goodbye Kauai


Goodbye Kauai, I’ll miss you.

Day 20: Sunrise to Sunset


I woke up early, early in the morning to watch my first ever sunrise!  What better place to see it than Kauai?  Five of us went back to Shipwreck Beach at 5:30am to admire the sky, and then we hopped in a blue ocean absent of tourists.  It was nice swimming in the ocean, but […]

Day 19: Round Trip

For our last field day in Kauai, my team spent the morning whispering in the NTBG Library.  I georeferenced a few more maps for my deliverable.  After we ate lunch at the gazebo that overlooked the gardens, we joined up with the hydrology team for a sunny afternoon at Shipwreck Beach.  We ended our day […]

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