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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day off!

We finally have a day off!
We all drove out to Waimea Canyon (look it up, its gorgeous) where Matt Lucas taught us about the native vegetation and some related culture there. The overlooks we visited were breathtaking. Clouds could even come into the canyon due to its high elevation. Following this, we all went to […]

Day five in Kauai: The Quarry Expedition

Today was the great quarry expedition of Kauai. Ok, not really. Dr. Burney took the archaeology team out to the quarry adjacent to the sinkhole. He hopes to create a restoration plan for the area, and the GIS knowledge we know could be used to produce said plan. In conjunction with him, I would love […]

Day four in Kauai

We started off today going to the NTBG center, where we worked on some data analysis. Paul did a tutorial in uploading and downloading data to and from the Trimbles, respectively. I was able to make an orthophoto of the heiau by the sinkhole in Photoscan from the kite-aerial-photography. Here’s some pictures from it:

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margin: […]

Day three in Kauai: Go Team Field!

The archaeological field team (aka Team Field) hiked out to the heiau today. We set up and utilized pole-aerial-photography (PAP), which is basically attaching a camera to a pole and taking pictures. Super high tech. This took up most of the morning; we ended up with ~400 photos but had barely put a dent in […]

Day three: Journey to the center of the earth

Dr. Burney brought us to the sinkhole you all saw yesterday and the adjacent caves. We had to crawl through the entrance, but it was well worth it. He proceeded to explain essentially every crevice, its geologic history, and the story behind discovering it. He is a wealth of knowledge; it is amazing. Around lunch […]

Day two: Touring the NTBG

Hey all!
Today we toured the National Tropical Botanical Garden, starting off with the research center and then moving out into the gardens. There are an immense amount of invasive plant species across the island and it is even so extreme that the invasive plants can be found within the botanical garden. The area was so […]

Day one in Kauai – Aloha!!

We woke up nice and early for our flight to Kauai with our 400 checked bags. Around 9 AM (California time) we lifted off for the six hour flight and we arrived in Lihue, Kauai at 12 PM (Hawaii time). I got lei’d by one of the professors, and we continued to reuse the lei […]

Day six: Our Day off!

Short post today…
Today was essentially a day off for us. We were prepping for the trip (packing, running errands, etc.) and reading articles to get us thinking about the experiments. Leaving for Kauai tomorrow morning!

Day Five

Project assignment day!
Starting off the day, Dr. Lipo gave us an overview of the three projects (vegetation, hydrology, and archaeology) and listed some key questions that would be involved. We then submitted our preferences, and the professors and graduate assistants assigned us to our groups. Although my first choice was vegetation, I was placed into […]

Day four: Is that a tomato in the sky? Nope it’s CSULB’s blimp!

Starting off the day, we were divided up into two groups to go around to three stations. The first for me was learning how to use the GPS units. Although I have never used the Trimble, I have used a Magellen which is very similar and allows you to collect data straight into ArcMap. They […]

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