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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 27: It’s see you later

I don’t want to say goodbye. This experience has been amazing, I’ve learned so much and I’ve made lifetime friends for sure! The first week in Long Beach was one of the most intense weeks I’ve ever had, but it was so worth it. Everything we dipped our feet in that first week, we delved […]

Day 26: Presentations!


Yesterday was presentation day and everyone was amazing! After stressing the past few days over completing our projects it was such a relief to finally stand up and present our research. The morning was spent cleaning up our data and preparing our power points. It was so nice to see everyone dress up in civilian […]

Day 25: Working on a barn


Wrapping up our last lab day is bitter sweet. We’ve all become such awesome friends and have really helped each other out with finishing up our projects. Today I finished writing my paper, all that’s left is citing and formatting. I also touched base with Dr. Becker about my power point, he helped me refine […]

Day 24: Wrapping things up


Sixteen hours later today has come full circle from a lab day to a lab night. Morning started off slow as I tried to piece together all of my thoughts into a paper. It was approaching lunch time and I hadn’t gotten too far along with piecing together my research. Jessica suggested I create my […]

Day 23: Last Field Day


Today started bright and early, some of the hydro group walked over to Dr. Becker’s house to talk about what we would be doing for the day. After having a small pow wow I headed off into the valley, I would begin collecting data near Atlantis. My idea was to recollect some points along the […]

Day 22: Lab Day


Today was spent at the lab processing the data I’ve been able to find throughout these past few days. I began playing with the DEM to try to get the water channel to become more visible. After a few attempts I decided on weighing the Z factor by 3 which finally gave me the results […]

Day 21: Sunday Funday


Yesterday was a free day! Kerry, Jessica, Peter, Greg, Howard and I drove around the island twice!

Day 20: Discussions

Saturday I wasn’t able to spend the day using GPR, but I was able to walk the main stream channel with Dr. Becker. I was beginning to feel a little confused as to what my methodology needed to be to come closer to solving my mystery.  We talked about comparing the topography and geology of […]

Day 19: Barn turned library

I started the day with the intentions of going to the field to begin working with GPR, but the offshore hydrology team had first dibs. Once I decided I’d be staying home, things started to come together. I spent the majority of the day researching literature for what I thought I’d be focusing on in […]

Day 18: Turn that frown upside down!


This morning was spent at Dr. Becker’s house where we continued to try to change the unit of measure for our Z values but where unsuccessful. We walked up to the staging area in the field and were able to catch Dr. Weschler before she began her own project. After explaining to her our problems […]

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