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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Geospatial Research and Mapping (GRAM) Field Program
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Author Archive

Day 17: Busy, busy, busy


Sorry for the late blog post! Yesterday was very hectic; I was busy literally all day. James and I started the day bright and early collecting data points so we could later attempt to correct the DEM. After being out in the field for about seven hours we made it to Atlantis and decided to […]

Day 16: The Water Channel Mystery

Today we were able to meet with the professors that would lead us in our individual research. Dr. Becker had a lot of helpful insight as to what may be happening within the water shed and some possible reasons for the disappearing and reemerging water. It was very exciting to hear many of my ideas […]

Day 15: Hydro Tour


Morning consisted of writing down a quick thought of what my research question was leaning towards. I left on the earlier bus to the field because I was hoping to scout some potential flat surfaces to use GPR to solve the water channel mystery. I won’t go into detail now about what my question will […]

Day 14: Half way


This morning started bright and early, Kerry and I were finally able to finish our classification commands in eCognition! I am so proud of us; I’ll include a screen shot of our process tree below.

Most groups continued to polish their presentations until the early afternoon and then it was just a waiting game until the […]

Day 13: Work Hard, Play Hard


This morning was a little different, instead of hurriedly making lunches most of us were tapping away at our laptops trying to finish as much as possible before enjoying our half day off. Kerry and I have made a lot of progress! Ecognition has been a lot of trial and error since neither Kerry or […]

Day 12: New Experiences


Before arriving to the field Kerry and I were unsure of what we would do since groups have been switching up. We ended up with as a sub-team of archaeology. Our leader was Jessica, who is awesome at explaining archeology and showed us the ropes. We headed into the southern part of the valley and […]

Day 11: Finding Narnia


Unfortunately, the vegetation team lost most of their data so many of us regrouped and tagged onto their team. Since I had gotten a glimpse into their methods of data collection it wasn’t too difficult to jump in today. Howard and I walked around the north east part of the valley and came across some […]

Day 10: A taste of Vegetation


With the help of Robitussin I was able to have a fairly good night’s sleep and woke up feeling a lot better than I have these past few days! Everyone was up early and made lunches, it’s becoming routine. We headed to the study site and some of us were assigned to new teams. The […]

Day 9: Data Collection Continues


Everyone was up bright and early as usual. With our new set stations in the kitchen breakfast and lunch making went fairly smooth and a lot faster than yesterday. Avocados are a new staple here which makes me very happy! We left earlier than yesterday which was nice because it was a lot cooler. Some […]

Day 8: Field Work Begins

I’m not quite sure if I’ve developed allergies or if Paul gave me his cold. Needless to say, it’s tuff to get used to this kind of humid sticky air, but even more difficult when your nose is congested. Breakfast went well; most of us were up by 6 and ready to start the day.  […]

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